Ray Gano’s NEW BOOK On Sale Now at Amazon – “Survive The Coming Storm – Ebola Crisis”



It’s official My new book “Survive The Coming Storm – Ebola Crisis: A Prepper’s Guide on How To Prepare For A Killer Global Ebola Pandemic and Treat At Home ” is now for sale on Kindle.

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Ray’s new guide for preparing for this next storm is not only timely but well thought out.

Taking after the sound advice of his previous book, “Survive The Coming Storm – A Value of A Preparedness Lifestyle” he helps you separate fact from fiction and in a logical format.

This book will help you to think through what you need to have available to prepare you and your family for a pandemic; whatever the cause of it is.  

The information is this book is relevant for everyone; whether you are single, in charge of a large family or a medical provider.  

After practicing for 25 years as a Physician Assistant, I have also realized that the patients who take responsibility for their health and have a better mental attitude towards whatever they are dealing with, fare much better overall- no matter what the situation is. Ray gives you the information you need to be mentally and physically as ready as possible.  

Deborah Hunter PA-C


The word ‘Ebola’ brings to mind suffering and death in far off places that don’t affect most modern nations, cities, or families. The truth is that today there are no far off places.  Travelers go from one corner of the globe to the opposite corner in less than 24 hours.  That means dreadful disease can touch anywhere at any time.  The key to dealing with the threat of Ebola is to be as prepared as possible, not to waste time worrying, and to trust God with the outcome. 

Reading ‘Ebola Crisis’ by Ray Gano will provide you with a good foundation for setting up a plan to manage an Ebola crisis or any pandemic should you ever need to. 

When Ray writes a book he can be trusted to fully research the subject and present the material in a manner that is truthful and understandable. ‘Ebola Crisis’ definitely provides honest helpful information.  Whether you are a seasoned prepper or someone just realizing that a global pandemic is a definite possibility you will find the book to be an excellent resource.

Barbara Henderson – Author & Journalist


You can purchase my new book on Amazon here….

Survive The Coming Storm – Ebola Crisis:

A Prepper’s Guide on How To Prepare For A Killer Global Ebola Pandemic

and Treat At Home




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