Ray Gano Reviews The Cold Steel Voyager XL


By Ray Gano

I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS… I have not done a review on my Cold Steel Voyager XL Clip point.

Folks, this is an incredible knife and is my Every Day Carry (EDC)

Here in Texas we are able to carry big pocket knives and this one ranks right up there.The CS Voyager Clip Point’s blade is 5.5 inches long and the knife over all is close to 13 inches when fully opened. So you can see why people call this knife a “pocket sword.”

If you keep an eye for it on Amazon, I have seen the prices as low as $37.00. But today they are selling for just over $60.00. Still a great price for the blade you are getting.

I have used this in many ways from chopping, cutting vines and rope, even whipping it out at a restaurant to cut a nice rib eye steak. This is one of the most versitile knives I own and I love it to this day.

PURCHASE THE CS VOYAGER – http://amzn.to/2EycVC2