Spiritual Junk Food Leads To a Spiritually Weak Church


ray-gano-med2 Timothy 4:3 – 4 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall they heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears; 4 and they shall turn away their ears from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables.

Why are there so many Christians who no longer strive to really dedicate themselves to God and to His Kingdom?

Sure there are a lot of people that say they do, but how many really do it?

Why are there so many “Sunday Morning Christians” or what I call C.I.N.O.s? For those of you who do not know what C.I.N.O is, it means Christians In Name Only.

Why are there so many who claim the power yet when the tough times start getting tough, they pull back and go into self-preservation mode?

Why are there so many who say they care about the Brethren & the Body, but don’t?

Why do so many say, “let the other guy help, I am too _______________”

Why is there such a gap between Christianity in the book of Acts and what we are seeing today especially in the Western world?

Think about this for a moment. What caused people in the early church to sell all their possessions and distribute the proceeds among those who were in need?

Let me remind you that there was HUGE persecution going on with these first century Christians and yet they continued to serve the Lord with all their heart, mind, body and soul?

Where did the persecuted church throughout the ages get the courage and the strength to continue to preach a gospel all the while they were getting them beaten, tortured and killed?

Why is it that today’s biggest struggle for the church todays is the fear of rejection and a need for self-esteem?

I strongly believe that the answer to all these questions and the cure to all the ills that we as the church face today can be found in getting back to the basics.

What is needed is personal revival in the lives of professing Christians today.

We need to become accountable to Him again.

We need to be in His Word again, and I mean HIS WORD, not some watered down mamby pamby modern feel good version. I am talking about good old convicting till it hurts King James Bible.

We also need to submit to the holy fire of God burning in our hearts again. I am not talking about this emotional junk, I am talking about getting back on our knees and confessing our sins and having God cleans us from all unrighteousness.

How do you think we will be able to be equipped to overcome the complacency, lethargy and apathy so common in the church world today?

Just look at us and what is going on in the world today. Can we realistically stand and endure the increasing spiritual warfare and total in your face antichrist spirit that is so prevalent in our world?

How many out there would stick their neck out and stand for The Lord if called upon?

mcD-French-Fries-webSo many in the church today are weak because all we have been feeding on is this junk food that has become so popular.

We don’t want to offend, we do not want to point out sin, we don’t want to call a spade a spade anymore because we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.

Truth sounds like hate to those who hate truth. I know, I get it a lot from people who call me a “hater” because I have the gall to call a spade a spade.

Instead of the spiritual meat and potatoes, people want the sugar coated junk food. It is sweet, it is soft to chew on and it goes down really easy.

A number of years ago the Lord began dealing with me about writing about being accountable to Him and ourselves again. How many out there can really look themselves in the mirror and say that they will stand for Him when truly called upon?

How many have actually taken that sort of stand?

I have found that if we are feeding on spiritual junk food, then when the time to really stand and be strong, we will be lacking because that spiritual strength just isn’t there.

The practice of true Christianity seems to be lacking in so many. It seems that it has become all about “ME” vs all about “Christ.”

We are no longer a holy people, I mean how can we when all we are feeding upon are these big time wanna be Christian authors and not on God’s Holy Word?

With the lack of spiritual meat and potatoes has caused a lack in fearing the Lord. That in turn has created a foundation where people have become almost addicted to this spiritual junk food and there seems to lack the foundation of loving and receiving the solid truth of God’s Word.

The emphasis has been on messages for the sweet tooth that take away the offense of the gospel.

But have we forgotten that our loving and merciful Savior was called the Rock of Offense?

Do you know that when someone is used to a light diet or an unhealthy dose of junk food it will take a little while for the body to adjust to solid nutritious food again?

But that’s what the Lord wants for His people in this hour so they can be healed and strengthened, and then bear fruit that remains. He wants us back on that hard core diet of His Truth, not some popular author, speaker or teacher’s “truth”; AKA… junk food.

God our Father holds nothing back from us. All that we need to live for Him has been given freely. We just need to feed upon it and His Power, His Grace, His Mercy is there.

We need to stop choosing the junk when we can have to true power of God by feeding on His Truth that we find in His Word.

cheeseburgerWe don’t need no stinking “purpose driven life” or stinking “best life now.”

We need the meat and potatoes that God offers, the food that gives our spiritual selves the power to plow through all the muck in the world.

We are living in the last days of the last days.

We need to be strong for Him again so that we can stand for Him.

We need to set aside this spiritual junk food and get to the meat and potatoes.

We need a strong church again that will stand with the brethren, stand with true ministries and stand for God.

Tough times are here and we need tough Christians again.

We have got to get rid of this passive weakling PC mentality and start being the winners that we are.

Folks don’t you know that YOU are a child of the Most High God?

We need to start being the sons and daughters of God again. We need to take that stand and be bold again. We need to look in the mirror and realize that we were purchased with a high price and make God proud of us again.

It is time for the weak church to become the strong church again.

So where do we start?

Your mom always told you to wash your hands before eating, well we need to do that spiritually by going to God.

1 John 1: 9 If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

Get strong again, be the winners that God intended us to be, not these junk food weaklings we have become.

By Ray Gano