Suez Canal Earthquake?


This morning, there was a good deal of interest in an alleged earthquake that occurred near the start of the Suez Canal.  According to Israeli news sources, the quake measured 5.9 on the Richter scale and lasted for 27-minutes.

Not only is that a fairly large number, but earthquakes rarely last longer than a few moments, although they are often followed by many temblors.  When I began doing some research on this, the only real sources I could find were Israeli sources.

Finally, I went to the USGS Web site which reports on earthquakes happening throughout the world.  According to the site, so far today, there have been 34 earthquakes, most of them below 5.0.  However, a few were above the 5.0 mark and so far two of them have registered above the 6.0 level on the Richter scale.  One occurred on the South Island of New Zealand measuring 6.3 and the other occurred just south of the Fiji Islands, measuring 6.4.

Yesterday, February 20th, there were 24 earthquakes recorded throughout the world and the closest one to the Suez Canal occurred below it in the Gulf of Aden, measuring 5.1 on the Richter scale. [1]  Since we KNOW this earthquake did occur, then it is clear that part of the story is true – an earthquake took place on February 20th.

Doing a bit more research, it appears that scientists do not generally use the Richter scale as a measurement for the power of an earthquake.  It is outmoded if compared to the Moment Magnitude Scale, however, news medias still rely on the Richter scale measurement because that is what most people know and understand.

How long did the earthquake in the Gulf of Aden last?  According to this mapping – – within five minutes the tremor would have been felt in the Suez Canal.  In ten minutes, it would have been felt on the West side of the Continent of Africa.

Is it possible that an earthquake was felt in the Suez Canal region?  Since an earthquake did take place in the Gulf of Aden, then it is very possible that what may have been thought to have been an earthquake originating in the Suez Canal area actually happened miles below that, but was felt in that area.

What is the point?  Is God speaking here or is this merely nature taking its due course?  It was reported back in November, 2010 that within a 24-hour period of time, over 35 earthquakes shook that area of the world – the Gulf of Aden.  One individual commented that the quakes in that area are normally highly unlikely. [2]

We are left to draw our own conclusions on this most recent event.  Are we moving toward the Northern Invasion, spoken of by the prophet Ezekiel (Ezekiel 38-39), or is this just nature taking its course?  Regardless of what this most recent earthquake means, the reality seems to be that things are drastically changing in the Middle East.  It is known that Muslim groups and nations in that area would like nothing better than to see Israel eradicated off the map.  We know how many times that has been stated by public officials.

What will happen?  Until it happens, we do not know.  Whether God sent this latest earthquake as a warning to Iran to opt out of their decision to harass Israel or not, we do not know.  It seems like that it would not be far-fetched for God to do something like this as a warning sign.  If God has issued the earthquake (as He says He will during the start of the actual Northern Invasion), it would be for the purpose of getting Iran’s (and the world’s attention).  Can anyone say without equivocation that this was the purpose of this earthquake?  No, but if we consider the fact that nothing happens on or in this earth without God’s foreknowledge and design, it is clear that there is a purpose for it.

The larger question here though is even if this is a sign from God as to His intents and purposes, does anyone actually expect Iran or any other nation (including the current leaders of the United States) to stop and take notice?  It won’t happen.  There are too many ignorant and arrogant people in this world.

I just saw a bumper sticker today that said, “My Goddess Created Your God.”  That about sums up the way people think today.  Ever searching, but never finding, even when they firmly believe they have found the truth.

Earthquakes aside, God is in full control of the events that are playing themselves out in the Middle East and elsewhere today, tomorrow, and the next day.  Though events may surprise us (for instance, the Six-Day War was not specifically foretold in Scripture), nothing takes Him by surprise.  How could they, when He controls all things?

Christians do not need signs to know that God is in charge and His plan is unfolding as it was preordained to unfold.  Christians have the faith necessary to know and understand that God is not only fully in control, but will be glorified in all things, regardless of how things look to us or the world.





By Fred DeRuvo

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