Surviving and Fighting a Lone Wolf Sort of Situation


By Ray Gano

A shooting spree took place this past weekend killing 59+ people and injuring over 500.

The carnage was pretty large, in fact they are saying that this is the largest mass killing in US history.

See, at the end of the day it does not matter who did the shooting, why or how many shooters were involved. Every single person that was part of that occupied kill zone thought of one thing and one thing only… get out of there alive and as fast as they can.

As you can see below in the picture is the killing field that the shooter(s) had access too.

Stay Alert – Stay Alive – How To React In This Sort of Situation

In these dangerous days that we are living in, it is critical that we stay alert and be situationally aware.

Again I must admit that this shooter chose his target area extremely well. There isn’t much one could do ahead of prevent this and there is not much one can do to protect themselves from this sort of lone wolf shooter.

Even having your situational awareness up, due to the lack of serious cover a very tough situation.

Surviving this sort of situation is not impossible, but one needs to be alert and make calm cool decisions.

1 – Do not let the crowd dictate your actions.  It is very easy to get into a sheeple mentality and just follow the crowd. In this situation, the shooter thought about this and was prepared, thus his second shooter’s perch targeting the exit.

2 – Remember and practice OODA LOOP

  • Observe
  • Orient
  • Decide
  • Act
  • Loop (repeat)

This was developed by military strategist Colonel John Boyd and United States Air Force. Boyd applied the concept to the combat operations process, often at the strategic level in military operations.

In this situation stop and observe where the fire was coming from and try to find cover, orient yourself, decide and then run for your cover. Once there, reassess the situation and act again.

This is something that you need to practice, if you don’t you will find yourself choosing to follow the crowd and nine times out of ten, that is not a good direction to go.

Look For Escape Routes and Objects That You Can Put Between You And The Shooter

This is an exercise that is good to practice anywhere you are. Imagine while you are walking on the streets and keeping an eye on the oncoming traffic, other people, things out of the ordinary.

The primary thing you want to keep an eye on is possible escape routes so that you can quickly get out of the way, or possibly put some sort of hard object between you and a shooter or a vehicle if that is the weapon of choice being used by the terrorist.

Constantly “pan and scan” the area for suspicious people, safe routes and objects of cover.

Yes it seems like over kill and it will at first, but once you get in this habit it will become second nature to you. The good thing is that if danger is upon you, you will automatically go into action and dodge and take cover.

Taking COVER … NOT Concealment

You have heard of the term “Cover & Concealment.”

Cover is what protects you from bullet fire.

Concealment is what hides you from being spotted.

Example – a garbage can, which I did spot several in videos of the shooting is great concealment, but is NOT proper cover. See, bullets can go right through the thin metal of an average garbage can.

Things you want to look for are…

Pedestrian Poles – these are the concrete filled cement poles that prevent cars from gaining access to pedestrian areas. These are built to stop cars, so they can stop bullets.

Concrete Lamp Posts / Telephone Poles – More and more cities are using the concrete poles because they last longer than the wooden or metal poles. Also when a car hits them, they tend to do a better job at withstanding the impact compaired to wood or metal.

Statues & Monuments – These are usually made of thick steel and concrete with a rather solid concrete base. These are good protection against vehicles and something that you can get behind to protect yourself.

Raised Planters / Stone Sitting Areas – These are becoming more popular in the inner city. Places where people can sit and also have flowers and trees around them. You will see these outside corporate buildings, civic squares, and other places where people tend to gather and have lunch or just take a break from the day.

Trees – Another item that might be in the area are established trees. These have been growing in the area for some time and they have a deep root system. This means that when a car hits them the tree should not topple over easily, but stop the car. If you see one, stand behind it, but not directly behind. You want to put some space between you and the tree just in case the car does topple it over. You don’t want to be flattened by a tree.

A Quick Fast Defense – Fist Load Weapons

Now to deviate from the scenario for a moment, I want to talk about quick weapons you can carry with you at all times. Yes, these would not have helped in the situation at the concert, but they might help if there is a lone wolf on the ground.

One of the greatest types of weapons that you can carry and not attract a lot of attention to yourself are what is called “Fist Loads”

Fist load weapons have been around for some time. They were really popular in the roaring 20s and 30s during the gangster era.

Common fist load weapons are…

  • Spark plug sockets
  • Roll of coins – dimes and penny rolls were most common
  • Brass Knuckles or “Knucks” as they were commonly called
  • Large Rebar or any sort of cylindrical pieces of steel, lead or brass will work. They often would wrap it in duct tape or electrical tape to cover some of the rough edges that these pieces of steel may have.

Fast forward to today and you can see fist load weapons being made out of many different materials.

The basic idea behind the fist load weapon is that is…

  • Adds structure to the fist.
  • Adds weight to the fist.
  • Projection from one or both sides of the fist even adds more functionality.

Some of My Favorite Fist Load Weapons

ti-lite-closedCold Steel Ti-Lite 6” Knife – Yes, I know that you are bored hearing about this knife. But it is one that I stick by and it is truly a great all around fighting weapon. Because it is long and thin, it makes the perfect fist load weapon. It has a quillion or a hook so that you can automatically open it as you are pulling it out of your pocket. The quillion also makes a mean appendage that will scrap / badly scratch an opponent when striking it across the face, neck or other soft body part. The pommel of the knife is reinforced so that you can use it in as a “hammer fist” coming down on the skull, hand or other boney portion of the body, thus inducing a lot of pain and most likely broken bones.

Now if that is not enough, with a little practice you can flick the blade open with one hand and you have a very formable knife or what I call “pocket sword” the total overall length is 13” which puts even more distance between you and the attacker.

Uzi Tactical Pen – In the past, I have written about a number of fist load weapons, but probably the most favorite is my Uzi Tactical Pen. I have had this for several years. It is a tad smaller compared to a roll of dimes, made of aircraft aluminum and it writes great also. This sort of weapon has a lot of uses and you can incorporate a number of knife, stick and martial arts moves and you can use this pretty effectively.


Self Defense Money Clip – This is another one of my favorite weapons which I carry almost daily. I bought mine several years ago and the price was around $20, today they have gone up in price. This is a great weapon and can be really effective in pinch.

Impact Kerambit – This is a weapon that I carry when I am flying. This is nylon “L” shaped item that looks like a tool. In fact, the inventor says to tell people that it is a tool for your suitcase or something like that. You can use this to punch, hammer down on one’s head, and have a very effective “finger” punch using the ring when placing your index finger in this. The inventor has also produced a great DVD on how to use this self defense weapon. If you have some Kerambit knife experience, you will do well with this weapon. You can also purchase quick release belt clip so you can clip this to your belt. Again, people are not surprised to see this because it looks like a tool that you would use to fix something.

Kubaton Key Ring – This is an all-around favorite for many people. The kubaton portion has a blunt end and a somewhat rounded pointy end. The blunt end also has a ring which you can then attach your keys. You can use this as a fist load but it also does well in hammering down on the skull, especially with the pointed end.

Now, if you have a number of keys attached, you also have a pretty mean flail weapon, meaning that you can swing the kubaton and strike the attacker in the face with your keys. All those sharp edges will do some serious damage and most likely cut the attacker’s face

MUNIO Designer Self Defense Keychain – Now this is a new product on the market that I really like. It does a great job of not looking like a personal defense weapon, but it is a pretty mean fist load and an adaption on the kubaton / flail sort of weapon.

Here is what it says on Amazon …

“Just attach MUNIO to your keys and protect yourself by striking with the tip on the front, or by swinging your keys at an attacker. Use either option to break free, gain safe space, and get away!  Invented by a self defense instructor… and professional designer! Attractive, appealing styling encourages ready carry, empowering you with an instant safety advantage.  NO risk of electrical shock or chemical discharge. Convenient and discreet  Effective and easy for anyone to use.  Can even work against surprise attacks from behind!  Made in America with a Lifetime Warranty!”

What I also like about this key ring weapon is that it comes in MANY different designs, so you can get a design that fits your personality and when other people see it, they have no idea it is a key ring weapon. It looks like any other sort of fob sort of thing that people hang on their key ring. This really is a great covert weapon that anyone could carry.

Military Carbineer – Ok this is a great one and one I have used in the past myself. When we were in the army everyone had their repelling gear with them all the time. One of the items issues was a large carbineer. This is an oval snap ring that we would hook up to a rope and repel down. This is also large enough to fit over your had and act as a fist load / brass knuckles sort of weapon. You can find carbineers all over, what you need to do is find one that fits your hand. I then use this as my key ring and not only do I have a fist load, but also a flail sort of weapon when I attach my keys to it.

Weapons I Recommend

Cold Steel Ti-Lite 6” Knife –

Uzi Tactical Pen –

Self Defense Money Clip –

Impact Kerambit  –

Self Defense Impact Kerambit Personal Protection Tool DVD –

Kubaton Key Ring –

MUNIO Designer Self Defense Keychain –

Cold Steel Mini Koga –

James Keating’s Stinger –

Monkey Fist Key Chain –

Military Carbineer –

How To Survive The Lone Wolf Attack

The key is to be alert and aware of your surroundings. This is called situational awareness. Knowing what is going on around you so that you can take action if need be. This is something that you need to practice and over time you will do it automatically. But you have to be conscious of what is going on so that you can act in a moment’s notice.

The biggest problem today is that people have their nose buried in their phone. So, a bad guy can leverage that and attack you when you are not paying attention.

By paying attention to your surroundings you have more of a chance to dodge a vehicle and then also draw a weapon out so that you can defend yourself.

ray-sheepdogNOW, odds are if you have a weapon and you are alert, the odds are good that the assailant will not attack you.

What you need to remember is that the lone wolf is looking to do as much damage as possible and take as many down with him as he / she can. If they choose to come against you, then that ability to take as many with them is over. Therefore, the odds are good that they will skip you and go after others who are not situationally aware and easy targets.

By being aware you are able to avoid the erratic car driving in your direction or crazy wielding a gun, then hopefully then be able to take cover behind some sort of barrier.

Once you have taken cover, you get your weapon in hand and get ready to fight and defend yourself. If this was me, I would have my Cold Steel Ti-Lite in hand and at the ready. I would not have the knife portion open yet, but would flick it open if the assailant is coming my way. The very act of flicking it open and the bad guy seeing the length of the blade will probably cause them to think again and as I stated, move on to a more defenseless target. But if you are called into the fight, then fight with all your might and make sure that the bad guy never gets back up again.

As bad as this sounds, the key is absolute violence in a short span of time. You need to go absolutely berserk if you are being attacked and do as much damage as fast as you can.

NOTE – You are not acting in the offense and charging after the person, you are acting in the defense. When you are prepared to defend, you have more of a tactical advantage, that is if the person is not towering over you and weighs 300 lbs.

You must remember, there are no rules in a street fight like this and you must stand your ground. One person will be left on the ground and the other will be left standing. What you need to do is apply that shear rage at that moment’s notice so that you are one left standing.

You are fighting for your life, but you are also fighting for the survival and continuation of your family. You do not want to leave them behind; this is why it is critical that you win that fight if you are put in that position.

I know that this is a tough subject to read, but it is the days we are living in and we need to get real about that. The enemy is putting his minions in place and they are out to kill us, that is a fact.

We need to start learning how to defend ourselves so when that terrible day comes, and having done all… To Stand.