The 600lb Gorilla – Flight 370 – A Delivery Vehicle For Terrorism? – Who Will They Hit? – My Speculations


ray-gano-medLast week Thursday I sent out an email to my PZ Insiders speculating that flight 370 was pirated and is now sitting someplace waiting.

Waiting for what? Bluntly stating, I strongly believe that it will be used as a delivery vehicle for some sort of terrorist attack.

What was interesting is that the popular media failed to go down that path and refused to report on this theory.

I have been sending out reports speculating that the plane had the capability to be flown to Iran or Pakistan.

Here is a flight map showing the four hour flight radius…


You note that southern Iran is within distance as well as Pakistan. If one pushes it to where the pilot said goodnight, it would move this radius another 300-400 miles west of the current red dot, which would open an Iran possibility even further.

This morning I read the following headlines from Fox News:

Missing airliner may have landed in Southeast Asia for use as a ‘weapon’,

Representative Michael McCaul, R-Texas, told Fox News that the two most plausible scenarios at this stage are that Flight 370 ran out of fuel and crashed into the Indian Ocean, or that the plane has already landed “somewhere in southeast Asia” as part of a terror plot. 

“It could have landed somewhere, filled with explosives and then sent somewhere else to cause some great damage, and I think we have to look at all possibilities right now,” McCaul told Fox News. (1)

Congressman McCaul is not speaking the obvious, BUT, he is promoting an Indonesian landing spot.

Indonesia? – Personally I Do Not Agree

indonesia-muslim-pop-2011A new Pew Forum graphic shows that Indonesia is the country with the world’s largest Muslim population (205 million). Roughly 88% of Indonesia’s population is Muslim, and the nation is home to about 13% of the world’s Muslims. (2)

What people may not realize is that Indonesia has made global headlines due to vicious terrorist attacks. There is also the presence of terrorist networks (and training camps) that may be connected to Al-Qaeda group.

Indonesia has a mindset that believes the existence of radical Islam should be the sole guidance in life and is willing to use extreme measures to reform and uproot established conditions.

So could the plane landed in Indonesia? Yes it could, but Indonesia really has not been a terrorist presence on a global stage as of yet.

Shutting down Indonesia from a global perspective would be pretty easy, and they would suffer pretty quickly if some form of sanctions would be put in place and enforced.

I honestly believe that fear of global repercussions is what keeps Indonesia in line with the rest of the world.

I do not believe the same goes for Iran.

Iran has been thumbing its nose at the West now for decades. They have been under sanctions, and it has not hurt the powers that be within Iran. The people suffer, but they leverage that against the West, and the people buy into the extreme ideas because if it.

I sincerely do not believe that Indonesia is willing to take on the world where Iran, I believe, is more than willing to do it.

The majority in Indonesia adheres to the Sunni Muslim tradition mainly of the Shafi’i madhhab. Around one million people are Shias, who are concentrated around Jakarta. In general, the Muslim community can be categorized in terms of two orientations: “modernists,” who closely adhere to orthodox theology while embracing modern learning; and “traditionalists,” who tend to follow the interpretations of local religious leaders (predominantly in Java) and religious teachers at Islamic boarding schools (3)

Although it has an overwhelming Muslim majority, the country is still not an Islamic state. This is one of the main reasons why I do not think that Indonesia would choose now to jump into the global terrorist game.

As much as it seems questionable, I do believe that the plane landed in Iran with a second landing site possibly being in Pakistan.

Now just for grins, it could land in Arabia or surrounding Arabian countries near the Arabian Sea, but I don’t see it. The Arabian states fear Iran right now, and Saudi Arabia has put agreements in place with Israel and has asked Israel to be their protectorate if Iran were to ever attack Saudi Arabia.

To date there is still no wreckage that has been discovered. As many know and have pointed out seat cushions are meant to float. So if anything, we would see a lot of those on the surface of the water if there was a crash in the ocean.

But still nothing. No oil slicks, no debris, nothing.

As much as the main stream media does not want to say it, this plane has landed somewhere. It did not crash into the ocean.

LIGNET is Reporting a Possible Landing in Pakistan

Here is the email that I got from a reliable source who works for Newsmax:

Hi Ray,

I wondered if you saw this. LIGNET is a CIA-connected news source for Newsmax, which I write for.

This could confirm your theory. How many people know about the EMP danger? Has there been any stories about this? Is the government aware of this danger?

Boeing Source: Missing Plane in Pakistan

March 17, 2014, 16:24

Asia and the Pacific, Middle East and North Africa

Malaysia’s Minister of Defense Hishammuddin Hussein and Director General of Civil Aviation Department Azharuddin Abdul Rahman, right, at a press conference. (Getty Images)

The Malaysian government reportedly is investigating the possibility that missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 avoided radar detection and landed in Pakistan near the Afghanistan border inside Taliban-controlled territory, according to the UK Independent . . .

Investigators confiscated a homemade flight simulator from the pilot’s home to see if it reveals any useful information . . . the Malaysian foreign minister told reporters that Malaysia asked several Asian countries for assistance in its investigation, including Pakistan.

. . . Pakistan dismissed the idea that a Boeing 777 could land undetected inside the country but promised to work with the Malaysian government in its search for the missing plane . . .

a LIGNET analyst received information from a source at Boeing that the company believes the plane did land in Pakistan while Israel is considering the possibility of a terrorist attack seriously by mobilizing air defences and scrutinizing approaching civilian aircraft, according to the Times of Israel . . . a

Boeing 777 requires a lengthy, 7,500-foot runway, and Pakistan has many of them, meaning Flight 370 could conceivably be hidden in a hangar inside the country . . . U.S. surveillance of the area may be able to shed light on the theory through satellite imagery or signals intelligence. (4)

As I have mentioned, I really believe the Malaysian government along with the airlines have kept their mouths shut and drug their feet on this event.

They wanted people to believe that the plane blew up suddenly at 35,000 ft. So they held tight onto that story until it was no longer a viable from increasing evidence.

So why do this?

They do not want to deal with the 600 lb gorilla sitting in the room. In fact NO ONE WANTS TO ADMIT IS THERE.

That 600 lb gorilla is radical Islam and that there is more deviant plan in play here than the powers that be wish to admit.

See denial is a powerful force in human psychology, and it’s the same reason that almost no one sees the very obvious.

They do not want to admit that there is now a plane in the hands of terrorists that IF it landed in Iran or Pakistan (both nuclear countries), then what the world is now sitting on is a stealth delivery vehicle.

We know that those who took the plane were able to disarm the IFF (identify friend or foe) transponders.

They were able to disable the other tracking capabilities while in mid-air as well.

NOW, just think what electronics they would be able to retrofit or install now that they have reached their final destination.

Think about it. They could swap transponder codes that say this Boeing 777 is all of a sudden flight 001 from Australia and instead of a 777 maybe make it a DC-10.

I am not a pilot, but they could conceivably “mask” this plane electronically and make it appear to be just about any plane they want.

flight-370Folks, we are not talking about a rouge bunch of rag bag thugs terrorists. We are talking about major plans and logistics. Plans that like it or not, involve countries.

But this is part of the 600 lb gorilla no one wants to talk about.

To land, they had to have “buy in” from whatever country in which they landed this plane.

This plane needs 7000 ft runway to land and take off.

To make this plane an effective weapon, they would need to have access to large amounts of explosives or worse Nuclear, Biological or Chemical devices.

We know that Iran and Pakistan both now have nuclear capabilities. In fact, Pakistan has maintained nuclear weapons for some time now.

Now the thing is that Pakistan really does not have an issue with the US and not much of a beef with Israel.

On the other hand, we do know that Iran has a big time conflict with Israel as well as utterly hates the US.

The LIGNET intel is pointing to Pakistan, but to be honest, I just cannot buy it. The desire to get into the global terrorist arena is really not on Pakistan’s front burner.

Same goes with Indonesia, Malaysia and other smaller countries. These countries could not withstand the global implications of sanctions and whatever else the world wanted to throw at them as punishment. This is just facts.

Whereas Iran, as I stated before, thumbs their nose at the US and the West as much as they can and they do so at every chance they are given.

Other Evidence – The Captain and His Family and His Flight Simulator

This is one that is being covered, but again the 600 lb gorilla is not being talked about.

mal-flight-simWhat do we know about this guy?

1 – It is being reported that he is a “good” Muslim.

2 – It is being reported with pictures that he has a pretty well laid out flight simulator.

3 – Boeing 777 hijackers plunged to 5,000 ft and used low altitude ‘terrain masking’ manoeuvre practised by fighter jets to avoid radar detection (5)

4 – Pilot’s wife and kids moved out of the family home one day before flight #MH370 vanished.

Here is what is being reported about the family. ::: not confirmed :::

Nearly a week after Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 went missing, the authorities also began searching the homes of the pilots. The search has been fruitful. In Shah’s home officials found a flight simulator. They also learned that the pilot’s wife and three children moved out just one day before the plane vanished from radar mid-flight.

Authorities confirmed Saturday that Flight MH370 was definitely “deliberately diverted,” ruling out any other possibilities. The most popular theory right now is that one or both pilots could have been responsible for the bizarre disappearance, quoting reports that all communication systems had been manually turned off. (6)

Ok, now the press is now reporting that possibly this pilot trained using the simulator to fly the pre-determined flight to the final destination.

That means the pilot is in on it, but one person can not effectively navigate and fly this plane alone. He had to have help. The captian or whomever would also need help to dismantle the electronics on the plane sending out signals. We are dealing with major logistics here, this is why I say that it isn’t some rag tag group of thugs or a lone individual like so many in main stream media want to portray.

Something else that is not being discussed is that if he were training to take it somewhere, he probably has been training to fly it for its final mission, say to the west coast for example.

Again, the plane can be retrofitted with a different IFF transponder, put other electronics on it to “mask” it as some other plane, and then fly it over the ocean.

Why Not Israel?

I have been seeing chatter on the net about how this plane is going to be used against Israel.

The problem with using this plane as a deployment vehicle against Israel is that it would have to fly over multiple countries’ airspace, especially Iraq, which is still maintaining a US Military presence with Patriot air defense.

It is WAY TOO DIFFICULT to mask or spoof a plane flying over land. There is too much radar and electronic surveillance taking place as well as too many people who could properly ID the size and type of aircraft.

So I honestly do not believe that Israel is a viable target. The odds are too great.

Seriously, if it could be done, I think Iran or Sadam Hussian would have already used that tactic.

Again, I strongly believe that we are not dealing with a bunch of rag tag thug terrorist operating out of some abandoned building. To pull something off like pirating a Boeing 777 and having it disappear in to thin air is a HUGE deal. This is why I say that they would need a lot of logistical support to pull off something this large.

This is not some small prop job plane. It takes many skills in many different areas of expertise to work, maintain, fly, land, store, and repair this Boeing 777.

That is part of the 600 lb gorilla that no one wants to discuss nor talk about the logistics behind it.  

Other Possible Scenarios Floating Out There

1 – Could they sell it? There has been speculation by some of the talking heads on Fox News that the plane could be sold.

First of all they couldn’t sell it. There is no way they would get away with it. They could not fly it around for military or commercial purposes. It is like driving around in a stolen Ferrari. Sooner or later it would be discovered, and no company is going to put their neck on the line for a stolen plane.

Way too much bad ju-ju with that scenario to make it feasible.

2 – Could they strip it and sell it for parts? I heard this speculation mentioned by one of the talking heads on the Megan Kelly Show. Several people agreed with this person also.

H E L L O …They could not part it out either. Where some of these news people get their education is beyond me.

EVERY part that is on a jet airliner has a serial number and is carefully tracked due to liability. When a plane crashes they know each and every part, and they can track it back to the company as well as the month and day that part was made. Probably even the name of the person who built the part is known as well as the age of his or her kids.

So as much as it sounds conceivable, it is not. There is way too much control on parts to even mess with that game.

Think about it.

“ Sure… I’ll buy that stolen 777 part and sure I will use it in MY plane. I got it on the cheap. Let’s just hope it holds up at 35,000 feet.”

Sorry but we are not talking about 67 mustangs here.

3 – Crash landed on land? Nope, like water there are emergency activated tracking devices on the plane that activate under impact with land as well as with salt water. These devices are put deep into the plane so that they are protected from impact which allows these devices to then send out a signal on impact. They are built into the body of the plane.

None of these devices were activated.

If there was a crash on land, too many people would have seen it and reported it. Our world is pretty digital with cell phones and various electronics. Someone would have put a video on You Tube if they saw it flying and crash landing.

Hundreds of people caught the meteor that crash landed in Russia. They could easily video capture an airplane.

Therefore, I believe that this plane has in fact landed somewhere and where that place is I strongly believe is Iran.

This is why I also believe that if this aircraft is going to be used as a deployment vehicle, and quite possibly that US west coast is a strong possible target AND NOT Israel.

We have an in-depth plan at work here.

We have trained people working together to accomplish a goal. It has been planned out for some time. We know this because of the issues behind the pilot.

I strongly believe that this pilot will also be the one who then flies the Boeing 777 to its final destination. They will need a highly trained person to take the plane off and manoeuvre it outside the flight corridors over the pacific.

In fact, I was wondering what those Pacific corridors are, and you have to love Google. I was able to pull up a USGS map from all places talking about all the volcanoes on the Pacific Rim. Why is this important to aircraft? Ash from a volcano can really mess up a plane’s engine. It has the ability to grind the plane engine to a complete stop…not a good thing when flying 35,000 over the pacific.

BUT let’s say you are flying a plane that you do not want to be detected until the time is right. You would use the not so traveled path and fly in a “run silent – run deep” sort of fashion. The pilot of flight 370 did it before, and it seems that he has been training for it thanks to his flight simulator to possibly do it again.

Who would have known playing those flight games where you have to avoid the fighter jets would come in handy? To think that it would be really handy knowledge to know one day.

Well if you are the pilot of Flight 370, I guess that knowledge has paid off.


Pacific Rim Flight Paths and Volcanoes

So think about it for a bit. All this pilot has to do is fly in uncommon flight paths to not be detected while he has all his electronics off and “flying under the radar” in a sense.

Once he makes it close to the US West Coast he then turns on his IFF that spoofs his plane as another flight and allowing him to get close to the west coast.

This is where things get interesting.

Our US ADIZ (Air Defense Identification Zone) is approximately 400 miles outside the southern coast of California.

Like in the Middle East we have too many electronic radar and surveillance gear on land for a plane of this size to “hide.” Its presence would be picked off pretty quickly.

So even with a masked / spoofed transponder and other electronic equipment being used to mask the true identity of the plane, it would not get inland any great distance. So flying to the middle of the US is not a viable option, and they know it.

That is why I believe that “they” do not care about getting over US territory. All “they” want is to just get close enough.

Why? …. EMP.

Why EMP? – “Suitcase Nukes” – My Speculation

1-transport-containerA suitcase nuke (also suitcase bomb, backpack nuke, snuke, mini-nuke, and pocket nuke) is a tactical nuclear weapon which uses, or is portable enough that it could use a “suitcase” (more like a steamer trunk) as its delivery method.

So far, only the United States and the Soviet Union/Russian Federation are known to have possessed nuclear weapons programs developed and funded well enough to manufacture miniaturized nuclear weapons.

Both the United States and the Soviet Union have acknowledged producing nuclear weapons small enough to be carried in specially-designed backpacks during the Cold War, but neither have ever made public the existence or development of weapons small enough to fit into a normal-sized suitcase or briefcase. It has also been reported that Israel has produced nuclear warheads small enough to fit into a suitcase.

The picture shown is a transport deceive used to transport one MK-54 SADM (Special Atomic Demolition Munition) aka The Suitcase Nuke.

It is a fact that from 12 and up to 80+ small nuclear devices have been unaccounted for when Russia broke apart.


The highest-ranking GRU defector Stanislav Lunev claimed that such Russian-made devices do exist and described them in more detail.[6] These devices, “identified as RA-115s (or RA-115-01s for submersible weapons)” weigh from fifty to sixty pounds. They can last for many years if wired to an electric source. In case there is a loss of power, there is a battery backup. If the battery runs low, the weapon has a transmitter that sends a coded message—either by satellite or directly to a GRU post at a Russian embassy or consulate.” According to Lunev, the number of “missing” nuclear devices (as found by General Lebed) “is almost identical to the number of strategic targets upon which those bombs would be used. (7)


On 7 September 1997, the CBS newsmagazine Sixty Minutes broadcast an alarming story in which former Russian National Security Adviser Aleksandr Lebed claimed that the Russian military had lost track of more than 100 suitcase-sized nuclear bombs, any one of which could kill up to 100,000 people.

“I’m saying that more than a hundred weapons out of the supposed number of 250 are not under the control of the armed forces of Russia,” Lebed said in the interview. “I don’t know their location. I don’t know whether they have been destroyed or whether they are stored or whether they’ve been sold or stolen, I don’t know.”

Asked if it were possible that the authorities did know where all the weapons were and simply did not want to tell, Lebed said, “No.”

During May 1997 Lebed said at a private briefing to a delegation of U.S. congressmen that he believed 84 of the one-kiloton bombs were unaccounted. In the interview with 60 Minutes, conducted in late August, Lebed said he now believed the figure to be more than 100.


The lightest nuclear warhead ever acknowledged to have been manufactured by the U.S. is the W54, which was used in both the Davy Crockett 120 mm recoilless rifle–launched warhead, and the backpack-carried version called the Mk-54 SADM (Special Atomic Demolition Munition). The bare warhead package was an 11 in by 16 in (28 cm by 41 cm) cylinder that weighed 51 lbs (23 kg). It was, however, small enough to fit in a footlocker-sized container. (9)


Mock-up of a hypothetical “suitcase” nuclear bomb, made by Congressional
staffer Peter Pry. It is basically a 105 mm artillery shell device packaged in a
large briefcase.

So even though there are many out there that say that these do not exist, there is reasonable doubt to say that they do in fact exist.

One would not have to retro-fit the entire 777. All they would need to do is pull out all unnecessary items and equipment thus lightening up the plane.

They could then add some internal fuel tanks and also have some tie down points for a nuclear device of this size.

Look at the pictures again, SADM is about the size of a backpack.

If they had a nuke, all they would need to do is get close enough to the California coast and set it off.

The terrorist would have the US ADIZ to contend with, but if they could get just 200 miles off the coast, they could detonate said device and cause a EMP blast that could affect whatever area was in the blast radius.

What people need to understand is that THIS WILL NOT EMP THE ENTIRE US.

An EMP Nuke is a line of site weapon. That means that for it to be effective the area has to be in the direct blast zone.

A jet flying 35,000 feet that detonated a “suitcase nuke” would feasibly have a blast zone approximately 220-230 miles in radius from the plane.

If the plane was flying at 45,000 feet, which is what has been reported and that Flight 370 did conduct such a manoeuvre, then we are looking at possibly another 50 – 100 miles wider in blast radius.

So the plane would only have to get within 200 miles from the pacific west coast and then detonate.

It would not cause an EMP over the entire US, but imagine the Los Angeles basin being the target.

In fact, here is a quick map I created running some rough numbers. I left the legend in the picture so you could measure it out yourself as well. I think I am being more liberal in my measurements than being exact. But you get the point.


As you can see, an EMP detonated at this approximate point would basically wipe out most of Southern California’s electronics.

Anything that used electricity would suddenly stop and not start again. Can you imagine that?

San Francisco or Silicon Valley having an EMP attack is possible, but these areas are surrounded by mountains and do not have direct access to the Pacific Ocean.

Again, an EMP is line of site weapon. San Francisco and Silicon Valley are over the mountains from the Pacific.

The most logical target a terrorist could pick is the Southern California basin.

So the question is, “How would that effect the nation?”

I think that the initial blast would knock every electronic item out in the LA Basin.

Cars, communications, aircraft, trains, buildings, computers, elevators, Intensive care units and hospitals themselves. If it has some form of electrical current making it work, it will all of a sudden come to a dead stop.

Think about all the things that the nation depends upon. Now there might be some redundancy built in, but I do not think much.

Just to give you an idea, the larger metropolitan region’s population at the 2010 census was estimated to be over 17.8 million residents, and a 2011 estimate reported a population of about 18.1 million.

This is just the greater LA Basin itself. This is not counting San Diego which could and most likely also fall victim to an EMP. Not to mention some parts of Mexico that boarders California and the Pacific Ocean.

That is a LOT of people to suddenly be put back into the early 1800’s within just a few minutes.

So what would happen to the US?

Look at what happened during the 9-11event.

I believe that tougher harder security measures would be put in place and the loss of our freedoms all in the name of security would take place.

The majority of the people would go along with it.

“SAVE LA” would be a rallying point and many would fall lock step giving up food, money, clothing, just about anything to help. It would be a very patriotic thing to do and a lot of jobs would be created in helping rebuild Los Angeles.

I will leave it to your imagination as to what could happen. Odds are if you can think it and it is feasible, it probably will happen.

The US would be taken out as a global presence. We would be too busy “healing” our own nation to worry about others and what the world is doing. We would probably become very self-absorbed and possibly even turn isolationist. Could the UN in come in and help restore order?

Possibly. A lot of potential things could happen, and I fear 98% of it is not good.

If this did happen, there would be one thing that could happen that would benefit our nation.

We could turn back to God, humble ourselves and seek His face, asking forgiveness in hopes that He would heal our land again.

That is the only positive that I see coming out of a possible scenario like this.

I want to thank you for reading this.

It is PURE SPECULATION. But so far a lot of my speculations are popping up on Fox news.

So I thought that I would present this to you for your reading enjoyment.

NOW I do want to say that in no way or manner do

I consider myself a prophet or a son of a prophet.

I am a watchman on the wall trying to warn the people to a possible danger.

I pray that it does not take place and odds are it will not.

But there is something in my gut that just has me going and I see to many negative outcomes that this sort of event would help further on down the path, just like 9-11 did.

Tin foil hat time? Possibly.

Only time will tell.

If you have any ideas or would like to make comments, please feel free to email me at

I work hard at answering my emails.

I am going to start helping my readers be better prepared for hard times to come. I have already started doing this, and I will push harder to help them stay informed and educated as to what they can do themselves to be more self-sufficient in case something like this could happen.

I believe in storing up food, water, and medicine just in case some sort of event does take place.

The key is to avoid becoming part of the “sheeple herd.”

The sheeple herd will act out of panic. If you who are reading this properly prepared, then what you can do is sit back and watch the sheeple herd go by.

That is why I encourage people to get at least 90 days’ worth of food, water and medicine on hand. Just in case some event like this occurs.

Scripture says…

Proverbs 6:6 Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise:

Proverbs 30:25 The ants are a people not strong, yet they prepare their meat in the summer;  

In fact we need to look to biblical examples, like Noah.

Genesis 6:21-22 And take thou unto thee of all food that is eaten, and thou shalt gather it to thee; and it shall be for food for thee, and for them.

22 Thus did Noah; according to all that God commanded him, so did he.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

If you have food concerns and would like to ramp up your pantry, please check out my Thrive Life website at

If you think I am a complete fruitcake and want to rant and rave at me, please save your breath and my blood pressure.

Believe what you want to believe. I am just pointing out a possible scenario. It is no skin off my teeth if you have issues with it. Just save your comments, ball them up and file them in file 13.

It is better to be prepared and not have the need for it, than have the need and not be prepared for it.

In His Service,
Ray & Tracye Gano











9. ibid



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