The Demonic Wars – How To Cleanse Your Home of Demons


By Ray Gano

Do you have things in your home that allow demons and evil spirits access to you and your home? Are there tarot cards, new age crystals, inappropriate pictures, books, demonic music, collectables, toys, basically anything that will allow the demonic to gain access to your home?

If there are things in your home, and you may not see them at that moment, ask God to help reveal things in your home that are evil and are acting as gateways into your life and your home. It might be something that you have had for a very long time that you have had no idea it is acting as the portal to your life. This is why seeking God’s help is important.

Once you have discovered these things, get rid of them. Throw them out and believe me, doing this could be very hard, but you need to do this so that you can “cleanse your home” of these things that help bring in demonic oppression.

This is where things start getting weird and you have got to be really “prayed up and armored up” because you are going to go head to head with a being that is thousands of years old.

You do not, and I repeat, do not want to take this evil on by yourself. You need to have mature Christians, your pastor, your deacons and elders of your church with you. If you go to a church which does not talk or teach about the demonic, then find others in you church or Christian community that can help. These people are mature prayer warriors and warriors in general. What you might see is something terrifying, you need people that will not buckle if that does happen.

HOW TO: Making Holy Anointing Oil For Spiritual Battle

I have had several people ask me about making anointing oil.

Just  so you know, there is no power in the oil itself, the power is in our  faith, understanding and supplications unto God. That is where the power  is. The oil is just a symbol or tool that we use to help focus our  prayers.

So with that said, simple olive oil can be used and is used at times in scripture.

Other  times there is fragrant anointing oil that is used. I have seen this  sold at Christian book stores, but I prefer making my own and praying  over it as I make it.  This anointing oil what I use on our home,  personal items and property, but I also use it on myself and wear it as a  fragrance or use it to anoint myself.

Here are the oils that I use…

Frankincense –

Myrrh –

Lavender –

Clove –

Jasmine –

Orange –

Cedar wood –

Rose –

Feel  free to use any oils that you wish to use. I also use a lite base oil  like grape seed or sweet almond.  You can use lite olive oil, but I do  not use virgin or extra virgin because it will battle with the other  fragrances. I then put my mixture in a one ounce bottles.

Base Oil , Grape Seed –

Base Oil , Sweet Almond –

1 oz Amber Glass Bottles –

Blending The Anointing Oil

This  is where your own personal preference comes into play. I mix what I  think smells good to me. But the one thing I make sure that I have is  frankincense, myrrh, lavender and clove. The lavender and clove have  healing properties in it and can help the healing process if you are  using this oil on a sick child or other family member.

brown-bottleTo  start, take one of your empty bottles and start dropping drops of the  oils you have selected. You can count your drops and write down your  recipe if you want. Me, I tend to blend on the go and my anointing oil  is never the same twice.

While I am doing this I am  usually humming praise songs. I also pray asking God to bless the oil  and bless and protect everything that I anoint with this holy oil.

Why Do I Use It As A Fragrance? 

By  doing this, it helps me to reflect more on the Lord. I smell the sweet  smell and it reminds me to think about the Lord, pray, praise, sing,  etc. The fragrance helps me stay in a state of holy awareness, if that  makes sense to you.

Often when I am at a speaking engagement I will anoint myself and the aroma helps me maintain a full on mindset for the Lord.

For  the women, I have seen some nice necklaces that are diffusers. Meaning  that you can place drops of your oil on little porous stone balls and  put them in a broach and you can smell the aroma all day.

For example here is one that looks like a heart with a cross.

defuserHeart Diffuser –

In  today’s very busy world, we tend to not think about God all the time.  This is why I like wearing my anointing oil. The key is to be able to  use the aroma as a trigger to help you stay in a conscious state where  we are thinking about the Lord all through the day. This in turn helps  us to praise Him, thank Him and continue to talk to the Lord all day  long. At least that is what it does for me.

Anointing Your Home and Property

What  I do is start praying out loud that God protect our home. I let any evil that may be in the home know that they are no longer welcome and  they are commanded to leave. I walk around  anointing the doors, windows  and vents in our home.

I also anoint the door to our bedroom and our  bed itself and ask God’s blessings, favor and protection while we sleep.  I anoint any other doors like the bathroom or closets asking God’s  protection.

Before anointing the final door, I  commanded, in the Name of Jesus, that every evil spirit in the house  leave through that un-anointed door.

anointing-homeFinally I anoint /  seal (draw a cross with the oil) over and on the sides of the last  door. I ask God to protect our home and that our home remain being a  holy place where God via the holy spirit abides. I ask that His favor,  mercy, blessing, protection in and over our home. I also ask that He  give us and everyone who comes into our home wisdom, patients and love  for one another.

I have found this to work every time and it provides a safe haven for me and my family.

Now,  with that said, you may need to do this once a year or several times a  year. In our modern day and age we are ignorant as to what we may bring  into our home that might create an opening for evil to come in again.   If that is the case, you and your spouse pray over the home and go  through the anointing process again.


These are the days of Noah. Things are not going to get better spiritually and the spiritual battle is going to get far worse. Just look at Antifa and what they are doing. They are preparing for war. Yeah, I know that people are not taking them seriously, but even gnats in a swarm can do damage. We must remember that.

Reclaiming our homes is the first start. They are OUR dominion and not the enemies. But if we allow them in, they will continue to attack us.

Battles are coming and for some people, for others battles are here right now. We need to turn our sights on the enemy because he is coming for every person who is not a blood bought soul child of God.

Please, if this article is speaking to you, don’t blow this off. Heed what I have written and if I can help with any questions, please feel free to contact me.