The Empire Of The Antichrist is Very Near


The empire of the Antichrist is very near, and it will be Turkey.

Before we examine the issue of Turkey, we must first examine the monumental problems in much of what circulates the prophecy arena in the West.

Perhaps the major problem with modern Bible Prophecy Analysts in the U.S. is that they are mostly ahistorical who also invest in a crowd that is also ahistorical.

Another problem is that the Bible is mostly focused on the Middle East and most Western Prophecy writers have a scant understanding of the Middle East demography, sectarian rifts and religious aspirations in the region. It is not only the Prophecy analysts that always fall into this weakness, but also political and government analysts who are always screwing up more than they resolve matters.


If in doubt, just look at the results of U.S. policies in the region; Syria, Iraq, Libya and Egypt as a result of U.S. policies are all in a big mess and there is no end in the horizon for the U.S. to be able to repair the damage. While many blame Obama, I can also give several examples in which Carter messed up during the Iranian Revolution, Regan messed up in Afghanistan (he gave stingers to the Mujahideen who later became the Taliban), and good old Bush messed up Iraq. America is a young lion with short history and a very short memory span.

Ottoman soldiers in WW1

Ottoman soldiers in WW1

The other problem is that U.S. based Prophecy analysts always base their writings on novels that are littered with finding similarities between some political figure then compares him to Antichrist, yet they do this without examining the differences between what the Bible says about Antichrist and that specific figure’s origin and religious affiliations. If in doubt, name one Prophecy analyst in the West that named a political or religious figure as suspect to being Antichrist or Gog and then turned out right? Decades of suspects from Hitler, Kissinger to Gorbachev and lately Putin and other countless Popes before were named Gog and Antichrist and they were all dead wrong. The only thing the heaped for the Kingdom is a list of slanders against these individuals; calling someone the Antichrist when they are not is not a simple sin one can brush under the table.

A map reflecting the common view of American prophecy, identifying Russia as Magog, and Western Europe as Gog

A map reflecting the common view of American prophecy, identifying Russia as Magog, and Western Europe as Gog

Then they suspected the European Union and when that didn’t fit, they later named the G7/G8 as the seven heads of revelation 17. Last week, the unlucky candidate was Putin as Gog and his invasion of Crimea set off some prophetic alarms by so many unlearned alarmists.

The prudent in the western Church will begin to realize that the Antichrist system will not be the European Union, G7/G8, Illuminates, the Bilderbergs, as modern prophecy buffs have stated for years, but an Islamic Union led by Turkey.


Why am I so confident? It is because Turkey (aka Yavan, Lydia, Meshech, Tubal, Gomer and Pergamum) is in several major prophetic key references in the Bible.

How do we know who is and who is not learned? It’s simple, the unlearned will always say something like this: “scholars have suggested Germany as the modern day equivalent of Beth-togarmah”.

What “scholars”? They never usually provide any except to refer to another Prophecy analyst like them who are neither scholars nor historians. While there is nothing wrong by not being a scholar or a historian, what is wrong is that these never refer to real scholars at all. For several examples of what I mean, read here.

Then you have what is perhaps the greatest problem: verse isolation. When was the last time you studied a U.S. Prophecy analyst who cross referenced Antichrist’s Battle of Armageddon to Zechariah 9:13 when the Lord declared:

I will rouse your sons, O Zion, against your sons, O Yavan.

But who is Yavan? Is it Japan because it sounds the same? and is just as Meshech sounds like Moscow and Tubal sounds like Tobolsk? Is Gomer Germany?

And here lays the crux of all this; no one will find a single historian who would make such outlandish claims as this, yet many do and so many follow them.

Javan is in Anatolia. In this passage, Israel, including their Messiah, is seen fighting against Ionia (Yavan), not the European Union or the U.S or Russia or the G7/G8 …

Erdoğan of Turkey is so set on Israel that books can be written on this subject alone, but instead, they write about some Western fictional figure in Left Behind, and the simpletons gobble up fairy tales.

In several Bibles, this name Yavan is translated as “Greece” but Ionia/Yavan was simply a province that was located on the western coast of modern Turkey. This is crucial because the clear context of this battle is the return of Christ: “Then Jehovah will appear over them” and fight on their behalf. So in the End-Times, at the time when Jesus returns, the Jews (Zion) will be engaged in a war with Turkey (Yavan).

A map that accurately depicts Javan's location in Turkey.

A map that accurately depicts Javan’s location in Turkey.

As we predicted several years ago, Egypt fell to the Muslim Brotherhood. We stated that Egypt would end up in civil war between secularists and Muslim Brotherhood with the Christians of Egypt caught in the middle.

The Bible speaks of Egypt and not the Bilderbergs, Illuminates or Russians. The destiny of Egypt is spelled out in Isaiah 19.

Egypt—in the coming years—will be weakened to the point that the Turks (Iron) will take over the weakened clay nations of Egypt, Tunisia and Libya (Daniel 11:42). These just opted for the fad of Sharia over western secularism exactly as we stated long ago. Keep in mind, the Muslim Brotherhood won by democratic elections just as Hamas won in the Palestinian arena and just as the AKP Islamist party won in Turkey through democracy.

Demon possessed Muslim in Egypt

Demon possessed Muslim in Egypt

Anyone care to tell me that Islam is dead or has been already defeated? Yesterday it gained the most major boost in recent history when the Turkish AKP Islamist Party won in the mayoral elections.

Things are also tightening for Saudi Arabia, the mother harlot of Wahhabism.

The Babylon of the end-times is not Iraq or Rome as many said.

They failed to examine Scripture closely and isolated verses from their own pre-conceived context. The Bible in end-time prophecy never even mentions ancient cities of Babylon; in every verse in the Bible where a region or city within this predicted Babylon is mentioned, that region or city is in Arabia, not Iraq (Isaiah 21, Jeremiah 49). It is Kedar, Dumah and Arabia; there is no mention of Babel, Sumer, Accad, Erech, Calneh, New York City, Rome … in any of these verses.


Saudi Arabia is soon to be gobbled up by Iran who is building a nuclear bomb. We said for years that neither Israel nor the U.S. would attack Iran. We were right and all the analysts were wrong. And while U.S. prophecy analysts years ago predicted the revival of Iraq’s Babylon by Saddam, their predictions and books are in the garbage bin of history.


Arabia is the mouthpiece (mouth of a lion), which Islam emanates from. It is the Harlot from the desert Island (Revelation 17:3) that sits on many waters, the “desert of the sea” (Isaiah 21) which John saw. It is the desert where Christ warned us about (Mathhew 24:22, Galatians 4:25) and is referred to as “Babylon is fallen is fallen” in Isaiah 21.

We live in an era with Christians who love God, yet they do not love knowledge and are destroyed for the lack of it.

The Antichrist is said to rule from Pergamum (Revelation 2:12-13), which Christ proclaimed would be the future seat of Satan. This is on the sides of the northern lands (Asia Minor / Turkey). He never proclaimed the Altar of Pergamum that sits in some museum in Germany as the seat of Antichrist. There is no “altar” in the verse.


Probably the most major problem with U.S. Prophecy analysts is that they always examine Prophecy from the Books of Daniel and Revelation, which are mostly allegoric, without adhering to the literal references of nations in other parts of the Bible. When we examine the nations that are named in the Bible, they are all Islamic today.

We have been belaboring this for two decades to the deaf ears of America. Now we see Turkey succeeding as we stated for two decades, and exactly as we stated it as a revival of the Ottoman Empire.

Erdoğan’s rise to power, being called Sultan and Caliph is very interesting. When the AKP Islamist party won power in the 2002 elections, its newfound position of influence brought together an alliance of two Islamic movements 1) the Naqshbandi- and 2) The Gülenists, a movement of the preacher Fethullah Gülen who is established from Pennsylvania in the U.S.

To see how far back Erdogan was involved in the Naqshabandi movement watch this wakeup call by Naqshabandi Sufist Imam giving a speech in the presence of Erdogan and Erbakan and hear what he said about taking over the world:

Like Egypt, the big factor in maintaining a government is the military. In Turkey, the military always moved in whenever an Islamist government came to power and closed shop. In the case of Turkey, both groups (Naqshabandi and Gülenists) feared that the military — and subsequently the judiciary — were poised to close them down leading them to work jointly to reduce the military through judicial processes, particularly with the Ergenekon and Sledgehammer plot investigations.
Erdoğan will continue to change set laws.

Erdogan caused deceit to prosper (Daniel 8:25). The unity between the Gülenists and the Naqshabandis was instrumental in helping the AKP survive the closure case in the Constitutional Court in 2008. Through substantial violations of due process including the outright fabrication of evidence the AKP neutralized forces that opposed it. By this Erdoğan opened the way for the AKP to schedule and win the September 2010 referendum to amend the 1982 constitution, which transferred control of the judiciary to the ruling Islamic conservative coalition.

But the tactical alliance between the AKP and the Gülen movement began to fade once their common enemies had been neutralized which many thought will be the downfall of Erdoğan’s AKP party. Yet the analysts were wrong, the rift only made a little dent, the Gulenists were less politically active and the AKP won the mayoral elections on March 31, 2014.

Erdogan Revived A Wounded Empire that received a deadly wound. This is no small issue. The Ottoman Empire was called the dead man of Europe and now it rose from the dead. I spoke on this and monitored it for two decades and today we see neo-Ottomanism, which is the process of healing this wound. Today no analyst denies this.

To understand how the AKP came to power, we need some history. The AKP leadership is a product of the political tradition of the Milli Görüs movement, founded decades ago by Necmettin Erbakan who wanted to revive the Ottoman Empire. His group consisted of members and followers of the Iskender Pasa wing of the Khaledi branch of the Naqshbandi order, which traces its lineage to Caliph Abu Bakr, Prophet Muhammad’s father in law and first Caliph of Islam rather than Ali.

The Gülen movement was more pro-Turkish nationalism, and many of its members had a past in the ülkücü or “idealist” nationalist organizations. To revive a purely Islamic Empire demands less nationalism and more universalism. Gülen and Erdoğan clashed over several issues’ like the Gaza Flotilla and Iran. Gülen was against the Flotilla and Erdoğan supported it. But the major issue was Iran.

Turkey uniting with Iran brings us to Ezekiel 38’s Gog who unites with Persia (Iran). For Putin to be Gog, Russia must control Turkey. The ahistoricals do not understand that Russia and Turkey are two rivals who have warred against each other from time immemorial. For anyone who still doubts us that Putin can never be Gog, please read our 6 part series [here]. The Gülen movement’s media outlets have long been scathing in their rhetoric against the Iranian theocratic regime, in a way that has often generated disbelief among traditional Islamists in the AKP. Gülenists even worked to undermine AKP foreign minister Ahmet Davutoglu’s efforts to improve ties with Iran.

Turkey wants unity with Iran and the Gülenist simply did not fit in Erdoğan’s structure; they also opposed the AKP’s peace talks with Kurdish Abdullah Öcalan, imprisoned leader of the PKK (Partiya Karkerên Kurdistan–Kurdistan Workers’ Party). When Erdoğan’s intelligence chief Hakan Fidan and two of his predecessors were brought in for questioning over their role in negotiations with the PKK by Gülenist police, Erdoğan became paranoid and thought he was next. Gülen then began to attack Erdoğan’s corruption with kickbacks from major companies and the rift was clear, Erdoğan turned on Gülen.

Erdoğan is just as paranoid as Stalin. In Erdoğan’s conspiratorial mindset, the Gülen movement was complicit in planning protests at the behest of pro-Zionist global forces who he believes were plotting his downfall.

Now Erdoğan intends to turn Turkey into the Presidential Republic with a constitutional amendment to become the first President elected directly by the people. Erdoğan is currently overseeing efforts to rewrite the constitution and convert Turkey to a presidential system in which the president, rather than the prime minister, will hold sway. This would give Erdoğan perhaps two more terms of five or seven years each depending on how they amend the constitution.

Turkey’s Sufist brand of Islam will be welcomed over Wahhabism which links to Saudi Arabia and the Gulf. With the Muslim Brotherhood more allied with the Turkish Ottoman roots, Turkey can advance into Egypt as Daniel predicted. With a war on Wahhabism, this next brand of Islam will be the most deceptive of its kind.

Finally, in Islam, there is what is called Bai’at (allegiance). Whomever will lead this new movement, and in order to win the hearts of the Muslim world, must present himself as Caliph and a Caliph by Islamic law must be given allegiance (Bai’at) by all Muslims. This Bai’at (allegiance) will be for seven years in which all Muslims must have the mark of their faith on their forehead or on their right arm.

Marks of Allegiance to Islam in Turkey in which we can see clearly "Allah" on the right arm.

Marks of Allegiance to Islam in Turkey in which we can see clearly “Allah” on the right arm.

Will this happen in the next seven year term or the other? Will Erdogan lead this? Is Erdogan the Antichrist? To answer these questions with a definite “yes” is still speculative, so we must wait.

For more, see God’s War on Terror

By Walid Shoebat