The Largest Behavioral Conditioning Experiment In History Has Begun


kade-hawkinsThe largest behavioral conditioning experiment in the history of mankind has just begun in China, and for those who value their freedoms in the West – one can only pray it never makes it here.

A citizen score system has been developed which will rate each citizen on the basis of their political views, their expression on social media, the kinds of purchases they make, and their credit scores.

These scores which will range between 350-950 will be taken into account when handing out loans, approving travel visas, and other grants from the government.

Such scores could also be used to determine who will have access to certain types of jobs. Essentially your life opportunities will be determined by this score.

Where this system gets even more manipulating is that the scores of one’s family and friends can also affect your score, thereby ensuring that there exists a social pressure to behave in the approved manner lest it affects those whom you know and care about.

There will be no hiding your score from family or friends and its impact on them, as everybody will have the ability to check anyone else’s score online.

Once this system is in place, the government will have a very effective method of reinforcing the kind of behavior it believes to be politically and socially correct.

The scores will be linked to China’s national ID card and while currently supposedly voluntary, the government has announced that it will be mandatory by 2020.

Opponents of a national ID system in the US will no doubt point to the Chinese system as a warning for the US of what can happen when big government and big data get together.

Since most of the big social networks and payment gateways in the country are controlled by Alibaba and Tencent, the two companies have been roped in to run this citizen score system for the government.

Yahoo, an American company, is a major stockholder in Alibaba and is already a participant in this oppression of the most populous nation on earth.

In fact, the approval for it to make an extremely fruitful pre-IPO investment in Alibaba was granted right after it turned over the personal details of a dissenting journalist that the Chinese government were desperate to nab. Coincidence?

This blatant abuse of power should serve as a warning to Americans who are themselves handing away their liberties without realizing the consequences.

Every year Americans give away more and more personal information about themselves that makes assembling a profile on them very simple.

All the information required to enable such a system here is already easily available to the government through the compliance of the major corporations in the country.

Think about it: you are being tracked everywhere you go through software on your phones, your laptops and computers send back usage reports, advertisers have enough information about you to target their products with increasing precision and all of your personal data is on social networks being mined for whatever use deemed necessary.

Credit card companies already use numerous factors in determining your risk as a card holder. With so much data being made available it will be tempting for these companies to incorporate other non-financial indicators to determine one’s worthiness to be given credit.

With more and more people dependent upon government financial aid in the United States, it is not hard to see how a government that wants more control over its citizenry might one day want to take advantage of combining political manipulation with financial benefits or lack thereof.

Christian prophecy experts make note of the fact that Revelation 13 specifically speaks of a time in the future in which the “mark of the beast” is directly connected to political support for the “Beast” or Antichrist.

One is not able to buy or sell without this mark and it is clearly a mark of loyalty and allegiance.

By Kade Hawkins

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