The Pellet Gun – The Silent Hunter


By Ray Gano

With a VERY REALISTIC chance of seeing our nation fall into a civil war or some sort of violent situation, AND … the inability to “bug out” to a place you have prepared, you will need to have a way to bring in extra food.

One of the  big problems one can face is having to fire a weapon within the city. Just last night my wife and I were sitting outside and we heard gunshots.

Folks, the sound travels.

In a survival situation we need to think about the small game be it rat, cat, dog, squirrel, rabbit, mouse, you name it and I think you are getting what I am saying.

You need a means to hunt in the city and not draw attention to yourself.

You need to think about a stealth urban environment hunting weapon.

Enter The Pellet Air Gun – The Silent Hunter

There are two pellet guns I am recommending.

crosman_1377_classic_pump_pistolFirst is the “Crosman 1377 American Classic Variable Pump Power Bolt Action Air Pistol”

Vital Stats…

– Caliber .177
– Velocity Up to 600 FPS

This is my first pick for a stealth urban environment hunting weapon. This is a great single shot pump hand gun and in the BB / Pellet gun world the Crosman 1377 is considered the “VW Bug” when it comes to customization.

With this being a Crosman you are able to take parts off of other Crosman pellet guns and odds are you can add them to the pistol.


There are detachable stocks, folding stocks, collapsible stocks and even fixed stocks that you can add on.There are all kinds of third party add-ons that you can get for this little baby and turn her into a lean, mean hunting machine.

One of the first things you will want to do is add a steel breech and once this is installed you are able to mount a weaver rail to you weapon. You can order one of these directly from the Crosman website ( Once you have the rail, then you can attach a red dot or mount a scope.

The power of this is really good too. It will easily take down small game, even taking out a cat or dog with a well placed head shot.

BUT… If you utilize steel darts or pointed pellets, then you could feasibly take out game weighing about 80 -100 lbs. I recommend the Umarex 213-7509 Hyper Velocity Pellets. This is a BAD BOY of a pellet. You can easily take down game using a well placed head shot with this.

This is where the steel breech & scope come into play because you do not want the game to suffer, so shooting small game, cat or dog you want to shoot them almost right in the ear canal. This will take the prey out instantly and not cause the animal any undue suffering.

You would be amazed with the crowd following the 1377 has also. There are many hobbyists out there making custom parts from hand grips, back caps, even single point sling attachment points. If you can think it up, someone has probably done it. There are even Facebook Groups for this  and other air gun weapons.

NOW … if you have not figured this out yet, you can walk around a neighborhood with this broken down and concealed in a back pack or under a coat, but when you see a target, you can bring it out and take out that killer squirrel sniping at you from the tree above.

PIFFT… you just bagged dinner.

The other pellet gun that I highly recommend is the Crosman 2100 air rifle. This is a multi-tasker in that it holds up to 100 BBs or you can also use it as a single shot pellet gun. This also is a pump action weapon and will also take down small game without any problems.

crosman-2100Vital stats …

– Caliber .177

– Pellet Velocity Up to 725 FPS

– BB Velocity Up to 755 FPS

This was my first BB gun that I owned and I loved it. It performs really well. It has built in weaver rails so that you can attach a scope or red dot also. This is a really fun weapon, but for an urban use, I like the pistol better just because of concealment purposes the pistol offers, but due to the length of the 2100 it is harder to stick under a jacket if you are out hunting.

Both of these weapons sell for around $65 – $75 dollars and just about anyone can afford one.

Learn more about Crosman airguns at


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  1. Excellent advice. When the Sandy Hook ammo shortage was raging I rediscovered pellet guns and learned something valuable. Spring piston airguns have a retracting barrel that moves back and forth during the firing sequence. They require what is called an “artillery hold” which is an open-palm hold that won’t interfere with barrel harmonics as the pellet is on its way out. The more you try to control the recoil of a springer-the more you’ll throw it off. The valuable part is that this is the same concept that applies to shooting the big Barrett M82 50 BMG- which also has a retracting barrel. The best hold for both guns is almost no hold at all! So practicing with a springer will also tune you up for the big boy. I am at the point where I can consistently hit a 2-inch square piece of metal at 90 yds with a .22 pellet going about 875 fps. I have successfully used the pellet gun on a wide range of small game up to racoon size. So for CHEAP, EFFECTIVE PRACTICE as well as stealth hunting, you can’t beat it. The gun is a Benjamin NPXL 1100, the pellets are WalMart 14.3 grain standard .22s (HP), and I recommend a Leapers/UTG Hunting scope 3-9 x 40mm. These scopes are built on the “Tru-strength” platform and designed to stand up to the punishing recoil of a springer. They even test them on Barretts! Springers can trash scopes not built for them, but you don’t have to spend a lot to get the UTG – only about $90. The best part is that if my high-end 50 scope fails, I could use the UTG as a backup. Thanks for all you do, Ray! God bless you!