The Profound Changes Facing Our Nation


ray-gano-medBy Ray Gano

This week I felt led to write about the upcoming elections and what is truly at stake.

I ask that you please take the time to really read what I am presenting and chew on it.

We are not electing a pastor, a messiah, or some great spiritual leader. We are electing a president who at this time in history will make profound changes in our nation, be it Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

Now more than ever our vote or what I believe our supplication to God, is the most important vote / prayer that we will ever be cast / pray.

Once you have read this entire article, if you have any questions about this article, please feel free to contact me.

With that said, I cannot believe the poor excuses some Christians have out there about Donald Trump… “He is mean…. He is un-presidential…. He is vulgar… He is arrogant. These are all shallow excuses; and very poor ones for refusing to vote for him.

I know that right now I am raising some hackles up, but again, I ask that you please continue reading.

We have always heard “there is a lot at stake” but never in our nations history have we truly been put in a position where THERE IS A LOT AT STAKE.

Trump has been a topic around our dinner table for several months now.

Tracye-tucanMy wife stated something very profound today, Tracye said…

“Even if Trump only does a fraction of what he says, the country will be better off. If he turns out to be a complete fraud, then at least we tried.

The issue is NOT about who Trump is…the issue is we KNOW who and what that evil hag in a pants is and the evil that she loves.”

Folks, like it or not, it is to late to split the vote.

CNN’s after convention poll shows Trump in the lead by just a few points.

That said, if we had an election today, Hillary would win.


There are a lot of Christians out there that have not done their research and will refuse to vote for Trump again for some of the poor excuses given above.

And as much as I hate to say it, if you choose NOT to vote, vote third party, or write in Fred Flintstone, you will help GIVE the presidency away to Hillary Clinton.

This isn’t rhetoric, this is a statistical fact.

What’s At Stake If Hillary Clinton Wins

U.S. Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas, front row from left to right, Antonin Scalia, John G. Roberts, Anthony Kennedy, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor, back row from left to right, Stephen Breyer, Sameul Alito, and Elena Kagan sit for a group photograph in the East Conference Room of the Supreme Court in Washington, D.C., U.S., on Friday, Oct. 8, 2010. With the appointment of Kagan, the nine-member supreme court now has three women for the first time. Photographer: Roger L. Wollenberg/Pool via Bloomberg

Look at these numbers for a moment…. 78, 80, 80, 83

Do you know that these numbers represent?

They are the ages that Supreme Court Justices Stephen Breyer, Antonin Scalia, Anthony Kennedy and Ruth Bader Ginsberg.

That means that these four justices are getting up there in age and will either die or retire in the next four years. Well, Scalia is already dead, but his seat is still vacant and waiting to be filled.

What you may or may not know is that the next president will very likely select FOUR Supreme Court Justices.

Think about this for a moment. Our next president could very well change the balance of power in the Supreme Court.

Now, if Hillary wins, who do you think she will stack the court with?

God fearing, constitution loving, pro America justices?


She will find the most liberal, most socialist, most asinine people she can find to be the next Supreme Court Justices.

This will literally change the face of our nation and most likely throw our country into full blown socialism / communism.

Here is something even more scary…


If Hillary wins and stacks the court in her favor, she can literally be our leader for the next 20 years because the court will cast their vote in favor of her laws and her rule. With the court stacked in her favor, she will look into being supreme leader for life,
just like many other socialist tyrants.

Have you been paying attention to Venezuela?

That is what our nation could very well look like if Hillary is allowed to place FOUR Supreme Court Justices.

But what is worse, we will be stuck with these four choices for at least the next 20+ years and quiet possibly Hillary as well.

Longest Democrat Rule Since FDR

If Hillary wins it will be the longest time of Democrat rule since FDR.

Dinesh-DSouzaDinesh D’Souza stated the following in his book “America: Imagine A World Without Her”…

“Together these two [Obama and Clinton] will have the opportunity to undo the nations founding ideals. They will have had the power, and the time, to unmake and then remake America. If Clinton becomes President of the United States, then it will be their America, not ours, and we will be a people bereft of a country, with no place to go.”

She will continue the Affordable Care Act, which has proven itself to not be affordable nor offer positive medical care to the American family. She will grow it even more and make it a behemoth that will kill the medical industry.

Remember seeing pictures of Soviet Union hospitals in the 1980’s?

If she wins think Soviet style medical treatment, which means no medical treatment.

She will continue the corporate welfare and the current “corporatcy” that we now live in today. The little guy does not matter, only corporations. More and more jobs will leave the US and more and more people will be unemployed.

As in all socialist countries, eventually forced labor will come into play just to keep the country running.

She will boost Islam as the nation’s religion and we will see more and more Muslims entering America. She has taken millions of dollars from the Middle East sheiks and continues to do so.

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Like the name “Ameristan”? That is what it will turn into very quickly if Islam is allowed to grow here in the US.

Once Islam gains about a 21% – 25% foothold in the nation they start killing, blowing things up, murdering and wreaking havoc. Just look at France, Germany and soon England will start feeling Islam’s reign of terror.

Now here is something scary. If Hillary Clinton is able to achieve the presidency, she will use the full force and power of the government against her enemies on the right.

She will put President Obama to shame when she terrorizes her enemies into capitulation or silence using a litany of agencies from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Internal Revenue Service, Environmental Protection Agency, Housing and Urban Development, Health and Human Services, Department of Homeland Security, and every other alphabet soup agency.

Think she will not come after you?

Think again, she will have no problem using the “re-education camps” ( Camps For Adults – per Hillary Clinton, AKA … FEMA Camps ) to house you for free and make sure that you bow to her demands. If you don’t, you will stay there till they bring charges against you and show you to the firing squad.

Remember, history shows us that how socialism and communism grows is by killing off its dissidents.

Pro Gun – Pro 2nd Amendment?

hillary-hates-gunsHillary has made it very clear that she intends to set her sights on the “gun lobby.” She also believes the NRA is at the root of impairing progress to solving America’s “gun problems.”

She supports a total ban on popular semi-automatic firearms and has endorsed an Australian-style Confiscation scheme for carrying out her vision of a gun free America.

In 2014 Hillary stated the following at the National Council for Behavioral Health…

“we’ve got to reign in what has become an artificial of faith, that anyone can own and carry a gun.”

Let me remind you what my wife stated…

“Even if Trump only does a fraction of what he says, the country will be better off. If he turns out to be a complete fraud, then at least we tried.

The issue is NOT about who Trump is…the issue is we KNOW who and what that evil hag in a pants is and the evil that she loves.”

Chuck Norris stated the following…

“Not only would her presidency be “Obama, the Sequel,” but she would be an unbridled, more powerful, mega-wealthy, powder-keg Obama personality.”

Folks, I am one who voted third party in the last 3 elections.

I voted third party with Bush W’s second term and I have voted third party in both of the Obama elections.

Ok… so I voted my conscious, but look at what we got these last 8 years.

I can not vote third party again.

There is to much at stake and I have shown above. What is different now is that four Supreme Court Justices are at stake and in all those other elections they were not.

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It isn’t about Donald Trump, it is about preventing Hillary Clinton from gaining those four Supreme Court Justices.

We need to rally and get behind Donald Trump, not because we like him or agree with him, but we need to do everything we can to prevent Hillary Clinton from gaining office. Because if she does, it is our kids and grand kids that will suffer in the long term

Now here is where I am upset with Christians mouthing off about Donald Trump and many are just parroting what they have heard on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN…The Liberal Media.

I have taken the time to do my own research, there are a lot of lies out there about Donald Trump and many Christians are propagating those lies thinking they are facts. If they do their own honest research, they will find out that they are lies as well.

Now, I want to caveat this by saying that I know who I am voting for. Donald Trump is a corporate pirate, that is a fact. If one of his projects are falling behind, he finds out who is responsible and cuts out the cancer. He is about winning, not failure and he will do what he must so that he wins. So he is not some goody-goody two shoes sort of person. But I have also researched and found out that he is a man who cares and has helped the “little guy” more times than any president has personally in the last 25+ years.

So know this, I have not drank some Trump Kool-Aide and I recognize the person that he is. I also recognize that he is not a born again Christian, the messiah, our pastor, or any other sort of spiritual leader that some Christians have in their mind that this presidency needs to be.

But what people refuse to look at is his fruit. His work ethic and his capitalistic ideas over the years does prove he loves this country. This is a fact.

I honestly believe that he thinks he can make a difference and set the country on a better path.

I hear many people equating him to Hitler.

This is a complete crock of horse hockey. First of all, Hitler was a hard core socialist, just like Hillary Clinton is.

Donald Trump is a capitalist, which the PC media has done a great job making that into a bad word. But in fact if you are one who truly reads God’s word, you know that the bible backs capitalism and not socialism?

Another thing for those of you who are having their hair stand on end and smoke coming out of your ears. Before you start in with the whole socialist ideas you find in the bible, what you fail to recognize is that all those references are not socialist, they are in fact all under Christ’s theocratic rule.

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Often Christians promote socialist issues and point to the Millennial kingdom, the time where He is The One and The Only. HE will rule with an iron rod and forces man to live the way HE sees fit.

See, as much as man wants some panacea idea; without Christ’s literal rule on the throne, a theocratic socialist rule is impossible.

This is a fact proven by history.

Socialism and Communism always fails due to man’s fleshly drive to be in control. Thinking that man can bring about some panacea paradise like John Lennon sung about is a farce and just that, a panacea pipe dream.

Another thing, how many Christians have taken the time to really look at what Donald Trump wants to do?

Here Are Some High Points That Christians Should Agree Upon

trump-pro-israelHe has said he would move the United States Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem and stand with our ONLY allies in the Middle East, Israel.

He has said he will defend Christians against persecution and murder by Muslims and has stated that he will take fast aggressive action within his first 100 days against this cancer.,

He understands business and can change the course of our shipwrecked economy. Who better than a successful CEO who has made billions, created jobs can truly cares for those who work for him.

He will restore our decimated military and in his first 100 days will give our Vets the respect and help they need.

He will stop illegal immigration and stop radical Islam from coming in.

He will change our broken medical insurance program and revoke the horror we have today called Obama care. We will truly have affordable choices again instead of this socialist cluster of a mess that we have now.

To not vote for him is a vote for Hillary

To do nothing is a vote for Hillary

To abstain is a vote for Hillary

To vote for anyone else, third party or Fred Flintstone, no mater what… is a vote for Hillary.

I PRAY our nation does not allow Hillary. There is so much at stake if we do not beat Hillary. If she wins, we will lose it all and lose our nation forever.

The time for action and get behind this man is now. If you have to plug your nose, then do it.

We need to do this for our kids and our grand kids and our nation because we will probably not get another chance if Hillary wins. She will change the Supreme Court to reflect her Socialist / Communist ideals and we will in fact lose this nation, OR see a Civil War like none other.

This is why this election is so important, more so than any other election we have faced in the last 20+ years.

Please get to the polls and vote for Donald Trump because we KNOW what we are getting if Hillary Clinton wins.

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  1. Jesus is not a socialist. Jesus accepted what was freely given and so gave freely. Socialist take what is not freely given and do not freely give, or, socialist steal and then give it to whom they choose. Jesus is not a socialist and the story of talents proves our Father is a capitalist. God took from the worthless servant and gave to the producing servants.