The Prophetic War of The World


bill-wilson-2012By Bill Wilson

 The month of July has been extremely violent for Europe. Islamic terror attacks from July 14 through the 26 left a priest beheaded in Rouen, a doctor shot dead in Berlin, a woman killed with a machete in Reutlingen, a bomber killing himself and 15 others in Ansbach, a shooting rampage killing 9 in Munich, five injured by an axe wielder in Wurzburg, and the truck attack that killed 84 and injured scores more in Nice. This is in addition to bombers killing 32 in Brussels in March and the November 2015 attack in Paris, killing 130. Is Islam is at war with Europe? Can one make the assumption that the “migration of immigrants” from Islamic states to Europe is an invasion? What does it mean for the US?
The US “president” is doubling down on his efforts to introduce into the US tens of thousands of Muslims from terrorist-sponsoring states by the end of his term. AP reports that the White House is expanding its efforts to bring Central American illegals to come to the US legally. Yes, you read that right. No relief in sight if Hillary Clinton becomes president. Her campaign promise is to fast-track making illegals in America, as well as the so-called “refugees” from the terror-sponsoring areas, legal citizens. Already, violent crime has increased in the US over last year. Contributing to the homicide numbers are illegal immigrants and Islamic terrorists-some using guns in the most gun-restricted cities.
Observing reports from the Democratic National Convention, one could conclude that the Democratic Party is trying to harness the energy of anarchists and pander to every special interest group that has a beef with America, especially those who are here illegally, and those who are committing crime. It is almost as if the Democratic Party is fomenting a revolution to establish an anchor-hold for socialism by using every dissatisfied, angry, mentally anguished person they can find to pit in class warfare against one another, and against those who would naturally abide by the law. Law and order is becoming a large issue in America, especially as “immigrants” bring with them anarchy rather than assimilation.

waroftheworldsThe world is at war. It’s not a conventional war. Islam is at war with the world. An ally of Islam is communism, or Marxism. If we can look at this through a different lens, it may become clearer. In WWII it was the Axis vs the Allies. The Axis was Germany, Japan, and Italy (Islam helped). The Allies were the US, Britain, France, the Soviet Union and China. It is clearer if one views this today as Islam, anarchists, and Marxists vs the US, Western Europe, and law-abiding peoples. Western nations don’t want to admit they are at war, but it is clear that Islam is leading a coalition against the West. We may be seeing the foundation being laid for the prophecies of the end times when the Beast speaks blasphemies against God, deceives those on earth, and makes “war with the saints (Revelation 13:4-17).” Watch and pray.