The Prophezine Eco-Decline Update – 02-15-14



The Prophezine Eco-Decline Update – 02-15-14

This past Thursday I sent out some pretty ominous news about the economy. I reported on “possible dates” that a catastrophic economic event might take place. For example, the nearest date being reported is only 2 weeks away.. March 4th, 2014.

Along with that report I also sent an INCREDIBLE report (PDF) from the US Trucking Industry that gave a timeline which showed that within four weeks of a catastrophic economic / terrorist event, major civil breakdown. This report shows the primary effects of a freeze on truck travel. Secondary effects will take effect must be considered as well. Examples of this are inability to maintain telecommunications service, reduced law enforcement, increased crime, increased illness and injury, higher death rates, and very likely, civil unrest.

IF YOU DID NOT NOTICE THE PDF REPORT THAT I SENT THIS PAST THURSDAY – Then check the email I sent you (PZ Insiders) and you will see the PDF report attached to that email.



I want to first say a few things so that you have complete understanding.

1 – FIRST AND FOREMOST – What I am discussing has nothing to do with bible prophecy. It has nothing to do with any timing of the rapture, nor is it an indicator of the rapture. It has nothing to do with being in the Tribulation nor has anything to do with the Wrath of God.

So many people have already taken what I am saying and been trying to apply it to some frame of reference in bible prophecy.

FOLKS… AMERCIA IS NOT ISRAEL. God’s Throne is not draped in the American flag.

The only two possibilities that have anything to do with prophetic is…

A – We are a daughter of Babylon (look it up)

B – Our nation is destroyed to help usher in the AC or we are part of the 1/3 of the world he will destroy.

These two things are the only thing we have remotely to do with bible prophecy.

2- I am not a prophet nor a son of a prophet, I am a watchman on the wall who is doing his job to warn the people of possible danger. I strongly believe that many watchmen out there are dropping the ball in this manner because all I am talking about is “doom and gloom.”

Scripture says…

Ezekiel 33:6 But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman’s hand.

There are watchmen out there that have come down on me because I am being to scary or not proclaiming some escapist mentality regarding the rapture.

A watchman’s job is to warn… PERIOD.

We are to warn when we see error in the church, as well as when we see impending danger from any sort. We are not to just focus on Bible Prophecy.

3 – I am not doing this to create panic, fear, doom and gloom – but to present opportunity to share the hope that is within us

Scripture says…

2 Timothy 1:7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

There is going to be a lot of people hurting due to what is coming down the pipe. I am not sharing this information to cause panic or scare people.

Now will people panic? Yes they will, because they are ill prepared.

Will people be scared? Yes, we are facing a great and I do mean great unknown. But God has promised that His grace is sufficient for us.

That does not mean that we are to sit on our laurels singing kumbaya. We are to be about our Lord’s work.

God gave us hands to work with and minds to think with. We are not to tempt God by telling him to rain pennies from heaven, or to have some $20.00 bill tree grow in our back yards.

We are to be good stewards, to be sober in thought and be diligent, not idle in our work.

Ecclesiastes 11:6 Sow your seed in the morning, and at evening let not your hands be idle, for you do not know which will succeed, whether this or that, or whether both will do equally well.

The Word of God speaks about what we are to do and especially speaks to those who do nothing. God calls people like that sluggards.

Scripture says…

Proverbs 6:6 Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise:

Proverbs 30:25 The ants are a people not strong, yet they prepare their meat in the summer;

Proverbs 20:4 The sluggard will not plow by reason of the cold; therefore shall he beg in harvest, and have nothing.

Proverbs 13:4 The soul of the sluggard desireth, and hath nothing: but the soul of the diligent shall be made fat.

We are to be like Noah, Joseph, Abraham, Lot and many others found in scripture. The time is now.

4 – Legal disclaimer – I am NOT a financial professional, so do not make any financial decisions based on what I say here. You need to speak to a financial professional if you have any questions. All I am presenting here is solely my opinion

OK… with that out of the way.

Believe it or not, we are reaching a saturation point when it comes to two areas that are just pinging off the radar. The economy and food / food supply.


prophetic-manifestoAlready, I am getting nay sayers who refuse to acknowledge that they are battling their normalcy bias. They refuse to believe that this is taking place in our nation; it is not a matter of “IF” it is a matter of WHEN.

Financial pundits may disagree on the direction that the economy will go, be it “depression” or “hyperinflation” BUT… all of them do agree that WE WILL see a MAJOR economic upset in our nation as early as March 4th 2014 all the way out to Sept – Oct 2015.

I pray later rather than sooner; there are MILLIONS of people who are not prepared.

This is why I am starting these series of reports so that not only can we get a possible idea of WHEN, but also, WHAT to expect regarding short term effects (1- 90 days), mid-term effects (90 days – 6 months) and long term effects (6- month to 5+ years out).

I am not the only one who is beginning to report on this. Just doing a quick search others are popping up… 

Chuck Baldwin –

Troy Anderson –

Joel Rosenberg – Implosion: Can America Recover from Its Economic and Spiritual Challenges in Time?

David Reagan who wrote a great book – The Prophetic Manifesto (a must buy)

Grant Jeffrey – One Nation, Under Attack: How Big-Government Liberals Are Destroying the America You Love

And myself – Ray Gano – Israel – America And God’s Judgment – Discovering God’s Biblical Template For Judging Nations

Weekly more and more watchman are waking up to what is going on and realize their responsibility by being on that wall.

Ezekiel 33:6 But if the watchman see the sword come, and blow not the trumpet, and the people be not warned; if the sword come, and take any person from among them, he is taken away in his iniquity; but his blood will I require at the watchman’s hand.

We have a chance to still prepare our arks, not out of fear, but so that we can “Occupy Till He Returns” and to be “Always Ready To Share The Hope” .


We are where we are today, because 85% of Pastors and clergy did not have the fortitude to make the stand when they should have 30+ years ago.

It is the Christians fault that prayer was taken out of school.

It is the Christian’s fault that abortion is now the law of the land.

It is the Christian’s fault that millions upon millions of babies are killed each year.

It is the Christian’s fault why we have hedonism and debauchery running rampant in our nation.

It is the Christian’s fault why we now have churches being invaded by sodomites and other sexual deviants.

I can go on, but you get the idea.

Well, our nation is now at a place of chastisement and we reaping what we have sown.

We as bible believing Christians, have a chance to help pick up the pieces again and share the hope to a lost world.

We can not prevent what is taking place and the destruction that will occur, but we can be ready and work to weather the storm.

The more we do now, the better off we will be in weathering the hard times.

Please share this with others. I will be sending out more of these types of more in-depth updates to the PZ Insiders in the days ahead.

Shelf RelianceQUESTIONS?

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

 PZ INSIDERS – if you want to schedule a phone call, contact me and let’s talk.

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We can make it through these hard times. But you MUST prepare. DON’T BE A SLUGGARD… start working at preparing your ark today.

In His Service,

Ray Gano




“Have An Exit Plan” by Chuck Baldwin, February 13, 2014

By Chuck Baldwin

Matt Drudge, owner and publisher of the “Drudge Report,” recently tweeted a cryptic warning to his readers, “Have an exit plan.” Here is how Susan Duclos reported the story in

“The economic indicators are bad, markets, the weakening dollar, banks preventing large withdrawals, news of China banks halting all cash transfers, in fact, economies across the globe are failing, and much more has led to a simple, four word Tweet from American political commentator and the creator and editor of the Drudge Report, Matt Drudge, that chillingly states ‘Have an exit plan.’”

Duclos also wrote, “Drudge’s words should be a warning to everyone, it is coming, it is almost here and ‘have an exit plan’ ready.”

See the report here:

Have An Exit Plan

The Drudge Report is one of the finest news sources on the Web. Matt is well connected. This is the first time I have known of him to write such a warning-as mysterious as it was. No, I do not know what Matt learned to cause him to write this warning; but I do believe we should all pay attention to it.

I know it’s hard for most Americans to believe that something cataclysmic could ever happen to this country, but all of the signs on the horizon indicate that things simply cannot continue as they are for a whole lot longer. The stock markets are being manipulated by the Feds, as are the precious metals markets. Unemployment is vastly greater than what is being officially reported. Hyperinflation is a looming probability. The Feds are printing money like there is no tomorrow. Congress is totally unwilling to control its spending habits no matter which political party is in the majority. Republicans and Democrats alike continue to smash the so-called “debt ceiling.” Federal courts are unwilling to rein-in an out-of-control White House that seems determined to trample and ignore the Bill of Rights. Several countries are desperately trying to find a way to dump the dollar. U.S. foreign policy has made enemies of practically every nation on earth-as has the NSA’s global snooping. Our military is weaker and more demoralized than at any time in recent memory-maybe ever. China and Russia continue to unite militarily. More Americans are expatriating out of the country than at any time in our country’s history. Local and State law enforcement personnel more and more resemble Storm Troopers rather than peace officers. The America that was once the most envied nation in the world is now the most despised. Government corruption at the highest levels mirrors those of banana republics. For the most part, the Church in America is impotent and irrelevant. And, culturally-speaking, honesty and decency are practically non-existent. This is a recipe for disaster.

Unlike the days of America’s first Great Depression, most of us now live in major metropolitan areas. Can one imagine what life would be like in any major city in America today should normalcy be interrupted for more than a few days? Has everyone forgotten what New Orleans looked like following Hurricane Katrina? In any kind of area-wide emergency, there are about four hours (you read it right: HOURS) worth of food and supplies on store shelves-and the same with fuel at the gas pumps. And can you imagine what that big city of yours is going to look like when the welfare checks are not delivered?

I know. I know. Every time I touch on this subject, I hear from hundreds of Christian people saying things like, “Chuck, my exit plan is Jesus is coming” or “God has it all under control,” etc. But most of those same people lock their doors at night and give their teenagers (or even children) cell phones “just in case.” Many have AAA or similar plans for travel emergencies. Most of them have car insurance and homeowner’s insurance. Most have some sort of retirement plan-or wish they did. Most of them tell their wives and daughters to avoid the “bad” parts of town. Every day they routinely put in practice commonsense plans for their family’s safety. So, why is it every time the subject of having a plan for some sort of a national emergency comes up, they get all holier-than-thou and start talking about Jesus coming back?

First of all, most of America’s pastors and churches are doing nothing to help their people make commonsense preparations for any number of looming disasters. In fact, they are fueling the passiveness and indifference most people are drowning in. In the second place, the establishment media is deliberately hiding and obfuscating the truth. In the third place, too many politicians are so consumed with their own lust for wealth and power, that they would do anything to keep the American people in the dark. And, yes, some of them are actually ignorant themselves and are immersed in their own darkness. And, beyond that, the American people continue to turn their backs on honest political candidates-who know what’s going on and would truly make a gallant effort to turn the ship of state around-and elect the same kinds of establishment elitists (regardless of party) who only want to maintain the status quo.

Ladies and gentlemen, this party is almost over. The charade is about to be exposed. Whether it be by divine judgment or the natural result of all of this corruption and graft (probably both), America is going to be forced to pay the bills. And it’s not going to be pretty.

Government agencies are not buying up millions of rounds of hollow-point ammunition for target practice. First it was the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), then it was the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), then the Social Security Administration (SSA), then the Department of Education (DE), then the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and now it’s the U.S. Postal Service (USPS). That’s right. The Post Office is making mega-purchases of ammunition.

See this report:

US Postal Service Announces Giant Ammo Purchase

But when Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) recently introduced a bill that would have overturned a federal ban that prohibits citizens who possess concealed weapon permits from carrying inside post offices, members of the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee voted to kill the bill-including Montana Senator Jon Tester, Arkansas Senator Mark Pryor, and Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu. Obviously, elitists love it when government employees are armed but private citizens are not.

And I can tell you for a fact that there is a host of federal law enforcement personnel-who know what is going on-that are personally leading their own families to prepare for bad times. Many economists are doing the same thing.

The Scripture states, “A prudent man foreseeth the evil, and hideth himself: but the simple pass on, and are punished.” (Proverbs 22:3 KJV) Famous Bible commentators Karl Keil and Friedrich Delitzsch quote the verse this way: “The prudent man arises from his perceiving an evil standing before him; he sees the approaching overthrow of a decaying house, or in a sudden storm the fearful flood, and betimes [early] betakes himself to a place of safety; the simple [foolish], on the contrary, go blindly forward into the threatening danger, and must bear the punishment of their carelessness.”

Ladies and gentlemen, America’s house is decaying; there is an evil standing before us; the fearful flood will come; and the sudden storm will strike. How we respond before that happens will reveal our prudence or our foolishness. I’m with Matt Drudge: “Have an exit plan.” This is especially true if you live in or near a big city.

P.S. I highly recommend Joel Skousen’s well-researched book, “Strategic Relocation.” It is chock-full of helpful information regarding dangerous and safe places and what to do about it. Learn about Skousen’s book here:

Joel Skousen “Strategic Relocation” The Book

Joel Skousen “Strategic Relocation” The DVD





Billy Graham Pictures

America At ThE End – What role will the United States play—if any—in the end times?

By Troy Anderson

When New York Times best-selling author Joel C. Rosenberg tells audiences that America isn’t mentioned in Bible prophecy, many are stunned and ask how the wealthiest, most powerful nation in history isn’t a specifically defined player in the last days.

“The Bible doesn’t say what happens to us,” Rosenberg says. “But by the absence of us being clearly defined in the text, it means something has happened. The question is what—what will happen to us that will neutralize our ability or desire to be an influential player in the last days of history before the return of Jesus Christ?”

implosionIn his recent book Implosion: Can America Recover From Its Economic and Spiritual Challenges in Time? Rosenberg outlines several potential scenarios he believes could explain why the United States isn’t mentioned in Bible prophecy: The nation—facing $16 trillion in federal debt and $120 trillion in total unfunded obligations—could implode economically, he hypothesizes. Perhaps the U.S. is hit by a surprise nuclear or military attack, blind-sided by a series of terrorist attacks or devastated by an unprecedented spate of natural disasters. America could suddenly lose tens of millions of people in the rapture, triggering any number of cataclysmic events. Or it could be a combination of these events.

Though it’s unknown what tsunami of terror might sweep across our nation, Rosenberg’s book—along with another New York Times best-seller, The Harbinger: The Ancient Mystery That Holds the Secret of America’s Future—indicates a rising wave of public interest regarding America’s role in the end times. These and other end-times books, combined with the appearance of ominous signs such as record-breaking extreme weather and a historic drought, fuel a growing sense that America is in danger of judgment and near collapse. Add a recent, albeit surprising alarm sounded by famed evangelist Billy Graham and it becomes apparent this isn’t just a faddish surge of end-times fascination.

“There is not only a renewed interest in end-time prophecies, but a sense that America is in decline—that the days of what has been called the American age are numbered, and if we don’t change course, they are coming to an end,” says Rabbi Jonathan Cahn, the author of The Harbinger and senior rabbi at the nation’s largest messianic congregation, the Beth Israel Worship Center in Wayne, N.J.

Cahn’s best-seller frames a biblical warning of national judgment in a narrative, as a man encounters “The Prophet,” who claims the same nine harbingers of divine judgment that preceded the destruction of Israel 2,700 years ago are now manifesting in America. The book is based on a real-life prophetic mystery Cahn discovered in Isaiah 9 that unveils the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, the “War on Terror,” the economic collapse in 2008 and even public speeches by U.S. leaders as part of a modern replaying of an ancient drama involving a series of intensifying judgments.

“The absence of any clear reference to America in end-time prophecy is a warning of America’s fall from its position of head of nations—the end of the American age,” says Cahn, a descendant of Aaron, the high priest of the ancient Hebrews and the brother of the biblical prophet Moses. “The Harbinger is the filling in of that gap, what happens between now and the scenario foretold in end-time prophecy. I believe that’s one of the reasons The Harbinger has become a best-seller throughout the nation since the first week of its release [in January 2012]. And since its release, that which it foreshadows is already coming true.”

Both The Harbinger and Implosion hit the New York Times best-seller list this year. This marks the first time two books about Bible prophecy by different authors have simultaneously been on the list, says Jerry B. Jenkins, co-author of the 16-volume Left Behind series that has sold more than 65 million copies.

“We live in scary times and people are curious about the future and interested in things beyond themselves,” Jenkins says. “As for the U.S. facing judgment or disaster, it seems to me we’re in the middle of it. Drought, fire, floods and tornadoes—these aren’t new, but they’re worse than ever.”

Jenkins’ Left Behind co-author, minister Tim LaHaye, says the world is on the “verge of chaos, just as the Bible predicted in the end times” and many people are “getting ready for something catastrophic.”

“There are so many signs of what the Bible outlines for the latter days, or the end times,” says LaHaye, 86. “Israel is the super-sign. The Jews were scattered to almost every country in the world for 1,900 years, and in the last 100 years they have been brought back to their homeland. The whole world’s focus is on this super-sign that we prophetic teachers have been talking about for 150 years, and now it’s gaining momentum.”

At World’s End in 2012 … or 2013

This sense of anxiety and foreboding about the future also comes amid growing interest in ancient predictions by Christians, Jews, Muslims, Native Americans and other ethnic and religious groups. Among the most highly publicized of these has been the Mayan prophecy that purportedly predicts the end of the world on Dec. 21. Though the prediction yielded the $770 million sci-fi movie 2012 three years ago, the public’s fascination with the calendar date seems to have waned, especially since Mayan scholars say new evidence shows the Mesoamericans didn’t believe the end of their long-count calendar on Dec. 21 marked the world’s end.

“The scholarly community doesn’t really take this too seriously,” says Stephen Houston, a Mayan scholar and a professor of social science at Brown University. “It’s really more of a cultural phenomenon. It’s likely to be seen as important today because people are of course concerned about our present age—current conditions, environmental problems and economic dislocations.”

This summer, Nouriel Roubini, a professor of economics and international business at New York University who anticipated the collapse of the U.S. housing market and the global recession, told Bloomberg TV that 2013 could be a “global perfect storm”—with policymakers running out of options to stimulate the economy and a potential war between Iran and Israel that could double gas prices, devastating the world economy.

“You could have a collapse of the Eurozone, a U.S. double-dip, hard-landing of China, hard-landing of emerging markets and a war in the Middle East,” Roubini told Bloomberg TV. “Next year could be a global perfect storm.”

But What About America?

With all the real-world concerns today, what some financial experts fear is the coming “greatest depression of all time” and a drought encompassing nearly two-thirds of the U.S., the public is increasingly intrigued by what the Bible may reveal about America’s future.

“It creates a kind of convergence of interest in the end times,” says Mark Hitchcock, pastor of Faith Bible Church in Edmond, Okla., and author of 2012, the Bible, and the End of the World and The Late Great United States. “You have this Mayan prediction out there. You could have Israel and Iran at war. I see how a lot of things could really come down at the end of the year and really cause a lot of people to wonder, ‘What does the future hold for the United States?’”

Most Bible prophecy scholars agree that God’s Word is mysteriously silent about the fate of the U.S. They say the Bible refers to at least 15 specific nations and regional alliances (e.g., Israel, Iran, Russia, China, Europe) that play roles in the end times. But America is not specifically named, although dozens of biblical passages refer to God’s final dealings with “all the nations.” In Haggai 2:7, for example, the Lord foretold through the Hebrew prophet that He would “shake all nations” in the last days.

“This is certainly coming true in the United States,” Rosenberg writes in Implosion. “We are being shaken physically, financially, socially, spiritually, politically and in numerous other ways, and we can expect this to accelerate and intensity in the years ahead.”

Evangelist Perry Stone, founder of Voice of Evangelism ministries and author of Nightmare Along Pennsylvania Avenue and many other books, believes—like Cahn—that Israel and America are “spiritually linked.”

“America is almost a reflection of Israel,” Perry says. “Israel crossed the Red Sea to get to the Promised Land. Our founders crossed the sea to get to America. Israel and America were both divided between the North and the South. Israel had 13 tribes; America had 13 colonies.”

Based on those parallels, Perry says he realized the same blessings promised to ancient Israel are promised to America if the nation obeys God’s Word. Likewise, the same curses Israel experienced for disobedience would also be experienced by America for not obeying God’s commands.

“The very first warning God gave Israel was, ‘If you disobey My Word, break My commandments and don’t hearken to My Word, I will appoint over you terror,’” Perry says. “When I realized in 2001 that there was an initiation of a ‘War on Terror,’ I started following those passages to see what else it indicated for America’s future.”

Some prophecy teachers say the Bible makes direct references to America and argue that the U.S., or perhaps New York City, is “Babylon the Great”—the “great prostitute who sits on many waters” that is destroyed in one hour, according to Revelation 17 and 18. In these chapters, the apostle John wrote that the “Mother of Harlots and of the Abominations of the Earth” would be destroyed by fire, while the merchants of the earth who grew “rich through the abundance of her luxury” would “weep and mourn over her, for no one buys their merchandise anymore” (17:5; 18:3, 11).

Others have suggested the “merchants of Tarshish, and all their young lions” mentioned in Ezekiel 38:13 is a reference to the United Kingdom—whose Royal Coat of Arms includes a lion—and its offspring, America. Still others say the “great eagle” in Revelation 12:14 is America.

Rosenberg, LaHaye, Hitchcock, Perry and many other Bible prophecy teachers reject these arguments, however. And though Franklin Graham isn’t typically linked with these names, the president of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and international Christian relief organization Samaritan’s Purse agrees the Bible doesn’t specifically mention the U.S.

The logical conclusion, Graham says, is that the scenarios Rosenberg has proposed are “certainly viable.” Graham is especially concerned about the nation’s “moral spiral downward,” noting that President Obama’s support of same-sex marriage essentially amounts to “shaking his fist in God’s face.”

“Look at the spiritual decline of this nation and where we are today,” Graham says. “Unless we repent as a nation and reverse course, I think God is going to bring quick and swift judgment on this nation.”

The Hand of Judgment

In Implosion, Rosenberg, a former adviser to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Forbes magazine Publisher Steve Forbes, examines whether the nation is headed for catastrophic collapse or another Great Awakening.

“There are moments in history, and we know this from Scripture, in which God removes His hand of grace and puts His hand of judgment on a country,” says Rosenberg, who was described as a “modern-day Nostradamus” by U.S. News and World Report for writing a novel about a hijacked jet on a kamikaze mission into an American city nine months before the 9/11 terrorist attacks. “It’s not a pretty picture. How soon? I don’t know. But I fear it might be a lot closer than most people, even I, realize.”

g-j-one-nationIn his new book, One Nation, Under Attack: How Big-Government Liberals Are Destroying the America You Love, the late Grant R. Jeffrey argues America is being systematically plundered by international financiers and powerful socialist forces both within the U.S. and overseas. (See “Grant Jeffrey’s Final View of America,” p. 38).

“In a very short time, the United States will be pushed to the sidelines of world events,” Jeffrey wrote. “All of this is taking place just ahead of the emergence of the prophesied Antichrist. Satan’s representative on earth will consolidate his power and establish his dictatorship, first over the revived Roman Empire and soon after that, over the entire world. And the American Empire, which rose to power with the blessing of God, will be so weak that it won’t play a notable role in the culminating events of the ‘last days.’”

Rosenberg cites several polls that reveal Americans share similar concerns about the nation’s future. A 2011 CNN poll found nearly half of all Americans fear the U.S. is heading for another Great Depression. A 2010 Fox News poll revealed that nearly 80 percent of Americans believe the U.S. economy could collapse entirely.

This year, a worldwide Reuters News poll found that 14 percent of people believe the world will end in their lifetimes. In America, the percentage is 22 percent—the highest anywhere.

One in five Americans believes the Second Coming will occur during his or her lifetime, with 79 percent saying they believe Jesus will return to Earth someday, according to a recent Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life poll.

Meanwhile, the Rapture Index, a “Dow Jones Industrial Average of end-time activity” recorded by, hit a record high of 184 in early September. Todd Strandberg, a retired U.S. Air Force staff sergeant who founded Rapture Ready in 1987, attributes the index’s all-time high to a variety of factors: the debt crisis spreading around the world, global arm sales reaching new records, the worsening U.S. drought, rising food prices, extreme weather, record floods and a spate of “super-earthquakes.”

“It just seems like America should have imploded economically a long time ago,” Strandberg says. “It’s so odd that we can keep piling debts upon debts and why we haven’t seen the Middle East explode. It just seems God is holding things together for some event. As time goes by, we think it’s the rapture.”

Indeed, Rosenberg, Cahn, Graham, LaHaye, Hitchcock, Stone, and many other Bible prophecy teachers and faith leaders say they believe God is sending a series of escalating warnings that the nation is in growing danger of judgment unless it repents.

“I think 9/11 was a wake-up call for America,” says Anne Graham Lotz, author of Expecting to See Jesus: A Wake-Up Call for God’s People and the daughter of evangelist Billy Graham. “I think Hurricane Katrina was a wake-up call. I think these record-breaking fires and some of the other things happening are warnings God is giving us, and if we don’t heed these warnings, then something more severe will happen.”

This summer, evangelist Billy Graham, who has preached to more people than any Protestant in history (2.2 billion), issued a letter calling America to repentance. In it, Graham wondered what his late wife, Ruth, would think of the country today, where “self-centered indulgence, pride and a lack of shame over sin are now emblems of the American lifestyle.”

“My heart aches for America and its deceived people,” wrote Graham, 94. “The wonderful news is that our Lord is a God of mercy, and He responds to repentance. In Jonah’s day, Nineveh was the lone world superpower—wealthy, unconcerned and self-centered. When the prophet Jonah finally traveled to Nineveh and proclaimed God’s warning, people heard and repented. I believe the same thing can happen once again, this time in our nation.”

Hope for a Turnaround

Seeking to ignite such a revival, Graham is asking millions of Christians to participate in the My Hope with Billy Graham evangelistic outreach set for Nov. 7, 2013—his 95th birthday. Graham hopes Christians will invite family, friends and neighbors to their homes to watch the “Living Room Crusade” on their TVs, tablets or smartphones. His association hopes to mobilize millions of believers to undergo training to share their faith with others during the event.

The good news, Rosenberg says, is that America has experienced two great spiritual awakenings in the past and could experience another one, based on 2 Chronicles 7:14, where God says: “If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.”

“We desperately need a Third Great Awakening,” Rosenberg says. “We need to beg and plead with God to pour out his Holy Spirit and save us, to turn our hearts away from sin and back to our faith in Jesus Christ. If we don’t have a Third Great Awakening soon, this country will implode. I can’t say when. I can’t even say how. But I’m laying out a number of possible scenarios.”

Franklin Graham says the church has been asleep for far too long—more interested in trying to be “relevant to the culture” than teaching and preparing Christians for Jesus’ return.

“I would encourage pastors in churches to begin to preach and to prepare and to warn their congregations that God is going to judge sin,” Graham says. “We as a nation need to repent and we need the churches calling for repentance.”

An award-winning reporter and editorial writer at the Los Angeles Daily News, The Press-Enterprise and other newspapers for two decades, Troy Anderson writes for Reuters, Newsmax, Charisma and many other media outlets. He lives in Irvine, Calif.

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