The Stakes Get Raised


sa-24The Jerusalem Post reported that Egyptian Security Forces acting on intel from the west was able to uncover a cache of SA-24 Surface to Air Missiles (SAMs) as well as Russian made MDM-3 Sea Mines. These are the of same type of mines that Qaddafi scattered around Libyan ports in May to keep NATO vessels at out.

It is learned that the missiles came directly from Iran and Hezbollah and then they were smuggled out of Libya.

Problem is that the intel came too late to block the delivery.  There were creates found opened and empty of their contents. That means that these mines and SAMs are in the hands of the Hamas Terrorists.

Other intel report show that many of Qaddafi’s weapons stores were seized by the rebels and their contents sold by some of the officers to the highest bidders.

Today Tripoli is under the command of several Islamic militant factions all belonging to the “National Transitional Council.”

American, British, French and Italian Special Forces is trying to track down the advanced weaponry which the rebels seized during the NATO-led advance into the capital that took place on Aug. 21.

Israel National News has reported that CIA agents are aware that Hezbollah and Hamas are purchasing  weapons with Iranian petrodollars. Again, Iran’s hand trying to establish a presence in the turmoil taking place in Northern Africa.

The missiles “reportedly have counter-countermeasures that may be difficult for planes with just flares to counter,” Matthew Schroeder, director of the Federation of American Scientists’ Arms Sales Monitoring Project, states. (1)

With the introduction of advanced anti-air infrared missiles that have the counter-countermeasures measures, these smart missiles are now a major issue that the Israel has to deal with. This seriously raises the stakes between the Hamas Terrorists and Israel’s Air Force.

This now gives Hamas three SAMs that they are able to attack with…

The SA-24 – which are portable air defense missiles with a range of 5.2 kilometers, an operational ceiling of 3.5 kilometers and Mach 2.3 speed. Depending mainly on visual scanning, they can also be fired at night and are effective against fighter planes, armored helicopters, drones and diverse surface-to surface missiles, including cruise missiles.

SA-14 (Strela-3) –  has a small and very precise solid propellant guided missile as well as an improved system for overcoming countermeasures. Its range is 4.5 kilometers and operational ceiling 3 kilometers.

The SA-7 (Strela-2) –  has a 3.6 kilometer range, operational ceiling from 1.5 to 15 meters and Mach 1.75.

With these three different types of SAMs, Hamas now has the capability to attack high-, medium- and low-flying objects ranging from planes, helicopters and drones both over as well as outside the Gaza Strip in southwest Israel.

The second issue that Israel has to deal with is the Russian made MDM-3 Sea Mines. These mines can be deployed via aircraft.

The website “Russian Arms” states the following…

Designed to destroy surface ships of all classes and submarines. These mines are equipped with a three-channel proximity exploder, which responds to acoustic, electromagnetic and hydrodynamic fields produced by a target ship. These mines are also fitted with safety switch and functional devices, which ensure their safety during maintenance. The weapon’s delay arming mechanism, ship counting device, self-destruct device, etc., are controlled by dedicated software. The functional devices combined with the proximity exploder preset to react to a particular environment make these mines difficult to sweep up by modern influence sweeps and provide for the required resistance to noise. Should these mines be occasionally dropped inland or into shallow water, their self-destruct mechanism destroys them. (2)

If Hamas is successful in placing these mines in the Mediterranean, this would seriously affect the Israeli Navy ability to navigate the waters as well as the possibility of these mines drifting to shore.

Military sources have reported that Iran, Hezbollah and Hamas all employ experts with special knowledge of the deep Mediterranean currents. With this intelligence, Iran is able to skirt Israel’s naval blockade.

With this ability Iran’s supply ships are able to supply Hamas and Hezbollah and have the shipments carried ashore by the currents.

But that is not all that is taking place off the shores of Israel.

Turkey To Deploy Warships, planes and submarines to Turkish Occupied Cyprus

In my article “Erdogan Sails Toward Armed Clash With Israel – Israel’s Spoils at Stake”(3) that I wrote a couple weeks ago I told readers to keep an eye not only on Iran but also on Turkey.

Possibly this week, Turkey will begin her natural gas exploration in the Eastern Mediterranean, north of Cyprus. Turkish media is reporting that, the exploration will be accompanied by a fleet of Turkish war ships and submarines.

Many of the islands who Greece has claimed ownership in the Mediterranean has been contested by Turkey and in fact they have gone to war over.

Reports are coming in that Turkey is beginning to station war planes on the northern part of Turkish occupied Cyprus. It is still unclear whether the exploration will take place in the areas where Israel and Cyprus divided their exploration rights in an agreement that was signed last year.

What we do know is that Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused both Israel and Cyprus of “oil madness”. (4)

The threats to use military, naval, and air power to strengthen the gas and oil exploration come just a few weeks after Erdogan’s threats for Turkish warships to accompany future Gaza flotillas.

If Erdogan does in fact act on his threats, he will be able to divide the Israeli navy’s strength in maintaining a blockade as well as being forced to protect their oil and gas interests near Cyprus. If this is in fact the case, Erdogan will be able to capture Israel’s gas and oil and claim “spoils of war.”  The UN has also approved Turkey to act in this manner to help aid the “Palestinian plight.”

One final point, in nine months Greece will gain the seat of the EU rotating presidency. This is a major thorn in Turkey’s side because the EU has refused Turkey’s multiple requests to join the EU. The world recognizes Greece as the one who controls and owns Cyprus and Turkey has no official claim, but they still occupy the northern part of the island.

No matter what, a feud over oil rights in the Mediterranean will involve the US and we may even become involved militarily.

One fact is that we will feel the pressure big time at the pumps no matter what happens and we could see drastic price hikes due to the unrest in the Mediterranean with Israel and Turkey.

Keep an eye on Turkey and Iran, it is getting heated out there.


By Ray Gano

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