The Ultra-Left Progressives Are Pushing Us Into The Next Civil War


By Ray Gano

It is amazing the hate that is transpiring across America today.

We are at a boiling point and things are getting ready to explode. The left have been stirring the pot so much that it is no wonder that Congressman Scalise was attacked by a rampant Bernie Sanders supporter, shot and still in the hospital.

The left’s hate is growing more and more daily. Their fruit bare them out. They claim we are the haters, yet look at what they promote. They claim we are destroying America, but when they “march for peace” they destroy property, attack people and cause bloodshed.

Mark Dice produced a great video showing how violent they believe they need to be.

Violent Liberal Rhetoric and Threats to President Trump

Watch Now –

Here is a great map that American Resistance created showing over 200 attacks by the radical left against conservatives / Trump supporters.

You can check out this very informative map at…

Congressmen and women along with celebrities are promoting violence towards the right.

They are unwilling to accept that Trump was elected in a fair election. The left tried to cheat the ballet box via encouraging illegals to vote,  get dead people to vote,  rigging the system, promoting lies, you name it and they have done it.

Thing is that they refuse to accept that they lost and they are revolting over it.

Now, they are taking to the streets and violently attacking people and they are condoning it.

I have been warning for some time that this sort of violence would eventually come about.

Now it is here and blood shed is taking place.

Perilous times are not coming, perilous times are here.

What Can We Do?

Like it or not, we are going to have to accept that the violence is here and that it is growing. If we can accept that, we can then come to a place mentally where we can then do something about it.

I am one who does not advocate violence, but I am one who will not stand by and let something happen either. If there is the chance that violence will come to me and mine, then I am going to do all that I can so that they are not harmed.

So what do we do?

How do we protect ourselves?

We harden our security both personal, at home and at the workplace.

Protect Yourself With Covert Body Armor

It seems that the Muslim terrorists weapon of choice seems to be the IED, the improvised explosive device.

kevlar-hoodieRemember a bomb exploding in Chelsea, England that injured twenty-nine people when the device exploded?

Bombs damage in several ways, first there is the explosion that causes a shock wave. The waves travel outward at about 1,600 feet per second (488 meters per second) over hundreds of yards or more depending upon the amount of explosive.

It is this shock wave that hits the body with massive force. The body, particularly the brain is jolted so hard that the body cannot withstand the sudden shock and the person dies due to a massive concussion.

Sometimes the shock wave can push a person back and they are thrown into walls and other structures around where the device explodes.

The explosion fragments the container and sends pieces of shrapnel at high speeds outward. If the IED also contained other fragments such as ball bearings, nuts, bolts and pellets, then they also would be thrown outward.

The heat from the explosion can causes fire. These fires in turn can cause secondary fires in the general area.

Finally, the blast wave leaves a partial vacuum, which causes air to rush back in under high pressure. The in-rushing air also pulls in debris and shrapnel.

So how do we protect ourselves?

We need to start taking precautions. As much as I hate to say this and it is painting with a broad brush but if you have Muslims in your area that seem to sympathize with ISIS, CARE, PLO then there might be a risk.

Something that you may consider is start wearing a covert form of body armor. With today’s technology there is level 2 and level 3 Kevlar motorcycle clothing that will help protect against a lot of the dangers that motorcycle riders have to avoid.

Here is what one rider had to say about the Kevlar pants he was wearing…


“After a 35mph crash into rocks, I can attest to the strength of the Kevlar. The foot peg caught on inner thigh, tore thru the denim and just left a deep bruise on my inner thigh. With after market pegs using replaceable studs I can assure you without Kevlar it may have been a life threatening result.”

In other words, the Kevlar stopped the foot peg from going though the pants and into his leg all while doing 35 MPH. Note that he did not have any rock or debris penetrating the skin either.

Many Police wear the same clothing to help protect them as well against knife attacks, being cut and other dangers that they face on the street.

I am showing this sort of example because if you are in the area of an IED, this sort of clothing might protect you from any shrapnel or flying debris from the explosion.

Is this perfect and is this what this clothing was made for?

NO… not at all, BUT I would be willing to wear cloths like this and if I am in some sort of situation, odds are that the Kevlar panels that are part of this type of clothing “might” stop shrapnel and debris.

I want to state again that this sort of clothing is also cut resistant and many police wear this sort of clothing to stop knife attacks.

Just think, if some of the people who were in the St Cloud Shopping Mall were wearing some sort of Kevlar clothing; would they have sustained the sort of knife wounds that they received from the terrorist?

kevlar-sleevesI have a pair of Kevlar sleeves that I wear when I am conducting special security tasks. I have personally tested them out to see if they are in fact they cut and puncture resistant and I was impressed, they do what they say they do.

The great thing about Kevlar is that it is also heat / fire resistant. Maybe you have seen waitresses wearing these sort of Kevlar sleeves in dinners. Particularly where they stack 4-5 plates of food on one arm. Those sleeves they are wearing are the same type that many police ear to help guard against knife attacks.

These also will help protect against fragments and debris if you are in the vicinity of an IED.

One final item I want to talk about is a bullet proof back pack. These are being promoted for children to use at school. I have heard a lot about the ProShield backpack and had read some favorable write-ups about it.


It looks just like a normal computer back pack, it even has multimedia ports for your MP3 player and also pockets on the straps to hold your cellphone or other items.

If you do not want to get the back pack they also sell the Level III Kevlar pad that you can possibly slip into your own back pack.

ProShield 2 Bulletproof Backpack, NIJ Level IIIA with Multimedia Connections –

SHIELD PACK NIJ IIIA Rated Insert Pad 16x12in –

Here is a list of clothing and such that I have conducted research on…



Scorpion Covert Flannel Reinforced/Kevlar Lined Protective Shirt –

Jackets – Vest- Hoodies – Neck Protector – Sleeves

Bikers Gear Motorcycle Gray Jacket Berlin Hoodie Armor & Full Kevlar Liner –

Webetop Self-Defense Clothes Anti-Stab Vest Protective Gear Nonmetallic Tactical Vest –

Webetop Hard Stab-Resistant Clothing Anti-Stab Vest Protective Gear –

Motorcycle Hoodie Hoody Full Kevlar Armoured Lined Fleece Ultimate Protection –

Hatch Centurion Kevlar Neck Protection, One Size, Black –

Mechanix Wear Heat Sleeves –   <<< I own these, they work, I tested them with my knife


Newfacelook Mens Motorcycle Urban Jeans Pants Reinforced with Aramid Protection –

ScorpionExo Covert Pro Jeans Men’s Reinforced Motorcycle Pants –


Drayko Women’s Drift Riding Jeans – 16/Indigo  –

Sequoia Speed Euphoria Ladies Jacket Motorcycle Armor Level 3 Kevlar Black W Pink  –

Trilobite 961 Parado Jacket (women´s) –

 Gearing Up Your Child

backpack-armorI was watching a TV show a while back and they were talking about bullet proof children’s back pack.

Now this is cool and if they had these when our kids were younger, I would have got them for all the kids.

The pack weights approximately 22 ounces more than your regular backpack and they are rated NIJ IIIA. What this means is that these backpacks will stop the following bullets.

  • .22 short
  • .22 long
  • .9mm
  • .45
  • .380
  • .38
  • .44 Magnum

That pretty much covers most weapons that an active shooter will use.

Now, there are several ways that you can go. You purchase an entire backpack with a bullet proof shield or you can just purchase the shield on its own. (shown below)

Personally I would opt to get the shield insert for your backpack. I am picky when it comes to backpacks and I am rough on them. So, I want a really good pack.

Get A Sturdy Computer Back Pack

backpack-tomahawkI personally have a Samsonite Tectonic Large Backpack. This has been with me when I speak at conferences; it has traveled with me to Belize, Costa Rica, Panama and now back to the states. I have literally abused this bag and it just keeps going. As you can see in the picture, I always keep it somewhat packed and ready to go. All I need to do is slip my laptop, kindle, a few other items like my tomahawk / survival knife in it and it is ready to go.

Some nice features is that some of the more critical zippers are ” self-healing”, and another thing is that there are nice back comfort pads all in the right places. The back pads also have channels so that if you are wearing it for a long time, your back still gets some ventilation.

This is one tough bag and I have worn out a few of my other back packs, but this one just keeps going. The quality is great and none of the seams have given out or torn. This has easily weighed at times, over 50 lbs when I had it stuffed full with just about everything I need. The zippers did not pop, and the strap seams held up even when I am swinging it up on my back fully loaded.

ONE Negative, is that there are so many zippered pockets and such that you will lose stuff in this backpack.

This would be a great backpack to get your kids.

The second choice would be Swiss Gear. Both of these are built tough and both have the space to put a Ballistic Shield Insert.

In fact, there is a Swiss Gear Bullet Proof Back Pack that you can purchase together. An average ballistic shield costs around $75 – $80 and the Swiss Gear pack is about the same, maybe a little more. But you can get the bullet proof version for $195.00 give or take a few dollars.

Samsonite Computer Backpack –

Swiss Gear Back Pack and Bullet Shield –

Ballistic Shield Insert –

Put Together a Gun Shot Kit For Your Child’s Back Pack

sport-trauma-kit-webOk, if your child is rather young, then this may not be a good idea. But if your child is older, understands first aid and such, then putting together a gunshot / blow out kit for their back pack could save their lives.

Building Your Gun Shot Kit / First Aid Kit

This is very simple to build.

Pick up the “Trauma Pak Kit with QuikClot” it has everything in one package you need to stop the bleeding, including a simple instruction card that your child can follow.

Other items that I recommend is an Israeli Compression bandage, Tourniquet, and more packets Quick Clot blood clotter. More people die of bleeding out than being shot.

IF you can stop the bleeding, you are giving your child a much higher chance of survival.

Something else that a number of people have told me about is having a small tampon in your gun shot kit. A small tampon can be pushed into the bullet hole and then deployed into the wound. The small size tampon is about the size of a 9 mm to .45 calibur bullet. These are made to stop the bleeding and that is what you have to do. Having a few sanitary pads also are also good for knife wounds, bad cuts and scrapes. Again, these are made to hold blood and can help stop the bleeding. You can use some Gorilla Duct Tape to keep these things in place.

One final item to have in your blow out kit is super glue. You would be amazed at the first aid uses super glue has. It is great at closing up a cut quickly. This is why I always keep it on hand.

Trauma Pak Kit with QuikClot –

Israeli Compression Bandage –

Military Issue Combat Application Tourniquet –

quikclot-PZ-But-Out-BagQuick Clot Blood Clotting Agent –

Super Glue –

Small Roll of Gorilla Duct Tape –

Train Your Children To Use These Items

OK, so let’s say you have got the bullet proof backpack and blow out kit.

Your kids need to know how to use these. That means that you need to train them in their use.

As I mentioned before a moving target is very hard to hit. So the odds are in your child’s favor if he or she has to run away.

Teach your kids to never be without their backpacks and if there is a situation, then make sure that they always take their backpack with them.

If your child is of an age where they can think on their own, again train them to get out of the area as fast as they can. The bullet proof backpack can help protect them with their escape.

As much as I hate to say it, if the teacher tells them to get under their desks and just wait, then there is a chance that your child will be shot. They need to act and act quickly.

This is why it is vital that you put “What If” plans in place, draw up maps of their school, and then you and your kids talk seriously about different situations.

By giving your child a plan, they can then act in a time of emergency. This is all part of the “Fight, Flight or Freeze” instinct we all have.

The human brain will look to run some sort of plan, if it has no plan in place, then it will make one up, which often is freezing or chaotic running, often times right into the path of the shooter.

By giving your child a clear plan and talk to them about it frequently, you are training your child to live instead of being some bump on the log waiting to be shot.


Columbine_Shooting_Security_CameraHaving some crazy whacked out nut job go into a office, a school, a baseball park and shoot it up has become a real world reality. If you and your kids are Christians then the odds high in becoming a target.

Having some other whack job individual branishing a knife running around stabbing people is also a reality.

We need to get real with ourselves in the day and age that we live in. We need to equip ourselves and our family  as best as we can so that they have fighting chance if something like an active shooter coming in and blasting up some public area.

By sitting down and talking realistically with your family, setting up plans, escape routes and meet up points as well as what to do if they encounter the shooter or if they have to apply first aid on themselves or a friend. You are preparing your family for a real world situation.

It is better to have these things in place and not need them, than to need them and not have them in place.

Not having these precautions in place may cost one or all of your family members their life as well as your own.

Think about it, we are talking about what, $200 maybe $225 per person to give you, your family that fighting edge to survive.

Are you and your family worth that investment?

If I had young kids today, yeah, I would be doing all I could to make sure my kids are safe and best prepared as possible.

Look into putting together a backpack, brief case, computer bag that you can put a bullet proof shield in and put together a blow-out kit. Your family is worth the cost.

Stay safe… it is getting pretty crazy out there these days and be ready to take on the crazies.






  1. Another great article and the kind of stuff people need tp know. “If there is the chance that violence will come to me and mine, then I am going to do all that I can so that they are not harmed.” I am definitely down with that one.

    Also, I think you did an article on being off the grid or maybe reducing our foot print? I would like to see that one again. Thanks, sharing this.