The UN Restructures Itself To Govern The Entire World- Hello New World Order!


HEY WORLD! Hope you’re ready for YOUR new president!

In a Feb. 2013 Fox news article (and another one today), the American People were informed that the United Nations is ‘urgently’ hammering together a new restructuring plan that will be completed in about 4 years.  17 nations, most of whom are ‘threatening’ to withdraw their money (yeah, right), are secretly meeting to figure out how to make the UN more ‘efficient’ in their ‘work’ to ‘help’ the nations in the world today.   Here is an excerpt from the first article:

    “Frustrated by the epic inefficiency, sprawling disorganization and free-spending of their money by the United Nations, a group of Western donor nations, including the U.S., has been meeting quietly to develop a strategy to rein in the world organization’s more than $20 billion a year in anti-poverty assistance – which even parts of the U.N. concede hasn’t done much to relieve poverty.

    The donor group’s aim is to produce some kind of workable reform agenda for the bloated system that will actually achieve greater efficiency, less duplication and fragmentation of efforts, less corruption and a greater ability to see where their money actually goes.”

Here is an excerpt from the new article today- mere weeks after the first.  Note the new urgency.  You can rest assured that this ‘urgency’ will be played over and over again over the coming months:

    “Alarmed at a concerted push-back by member nations who are getting tired of funding the bloated and ineffectual United Nations, top U.N. managers are urgently trying to figure out a reform plan to repair at least some of their credibility over the next few years.”

Allow me to translate this into normal, human being talk, ok? This move by the ‘big’ players at the UN has nothing and I mean nothing to do with saving money, efficiency or transparency.  Why does America or the UN suddenly care about that?  Answer:  they don’t.   Now that Obama is safely in office, gaining control of the UN and hence, the world, is the next step.  That’s all.  This new cry to make the UN more ‘effective’, starting with secret meetings about ‘financial efficiency’ are nothing less than making the UN into a world government that has real power to rule the nations of the earth.  Managing money is always the pretext to instituting government control and authority.

Please note the euro.  When it was introduced to the old Europe  (you know, the one with all those cool sovereign countries?),  the People of each country rejected it as absurd.  To a person, they felt that this new currency and organization (the EU) would lead to a full takeover of their governments and that eventually, they would be governed by it.  They didn’t want to lose their culture and their language and everything else that identified them as German, French, Italian, etc.  I was in Germany, working as a management consultant when this was happening.  

But the governments promised the people that it would ‘only be financial management’ and not true ‘government’.  They swore up and down that the EU would never have any legal or governing rights over any member state.  And yet.  Only 13 or so years after that completely disingenuous promise, the EU has gained governmental power over their nation states.  This was done in the name of ‘saving the euro’.  When Greece, Ireland, Spain, Italy, etc began to struggle, the EU alarmed all the other countries’ people- “ALL your savings will be gone!  All your investments will be gone!  You children will be poor!  It will be catastrophe like you have never seen before!”  No one understood why these countries were included- I remember that.  But now, it is so clearly evident how convenient their failure was.   See, those countries were purposely included so they could fail and the EU could gain this real power- which, of course, is what they wanted all along!  Aren’t they just clever little buggers?

Friends.  Taking over the financial policy is always the precursor to taking over the governmental policies of an entity.  CURRENCY/MONEY = SOVEREIGNTY.   Give up the control of one and you automatically give up control of the other.  It is a deadly trap.

The United States, along with the other prospective world rulers (think Germany, Iran, China, England), are saying that the UN is ‘powerless’ and ‘wastes time’ and ‘gets nothing done’. All true, of course. But really, who cares? It’s never been their job to take care of other countries’ business, now was it? What we should do is just dismantle it for good.  Now that  would save tons of money! They are just hoping that we all miss that part of the conversation.  The media reporting is calculated to force your mind from the obvious question, “They can’t get a thing done, so… why keep them at all?” and are moving your minds to the other question, “So how can we make the UN MORE powerful?”  Nicely calculated, right?

This push to increase the ‘efficiency’, ‘effectiveness’ and structure of the UN literally means that the ‘big’ countries (mainly us) are pushing to have more, direct governmental POWER and authority over the sovereign nations of the world. Only in this way, will they claim, can they ‘prevent war, disease, hunger, environmental devastation, etc!’  And if the UN is allowed any influence whatsoever over the world’s currencies- especially ours, it’s over.  The bloodless coup will have succeeded.

Their goal of the elite leaders in the world is 100% clear: they want to be the One World government. Every other country will become mere states- including America. And WATCH: This ‘restructuring’ will lead to a NEW POSITION..can anyone guess what it will be? You GOT it! A new position will be created. It will probably be called ‘President of the UN’. And now we see why Obama has a new presidential campaign that allows anyone in the world to contribute any amount of money to it.  It’s completely secret.  Heck, even terrorists can give.   Let me ask you, World, why would a second term American president have a new presidential campaign?  He wants to be the president of something.  And he can’t be the next president in America.  Sooooo….   ARE YOU READY TO HAVE OBAMA AS YOUR NEXT KING, WORLD???  Believe us, you won’t like him.   So you had better stand up and say, “NO!” before it is too late.

Watch the foolish, foolish, American liberal people fail to understand that once another entity can dictate to our government, can make laws that supersede ours, can determine, in any way how we are to conduct our foreign relations or financial policies- that our Constitution & Bill of Rights  have become null and void.   And therefore, so does our sovereignty.  We will have been conquered without blood shed and in fact, with the FULL permission of the once great American People.

It’s all a big joke being conducted before the world’s eyes.  The progressive elites are laughing hysterically as they sip their champagne.  But I’m not laughing.  And neither should you be.

A warming and something to chew on:  the world has to be convinced that this is a good idea.  I don’t think they would swallow this just yet, do you?  So.. something must be done to convince the world that a centralized, new world government is necessary.  Perhaps a couple of nuclear explosions in India or Pakistan?  Now, that might do nicely.  Radiative fallout will blow right over Europe, Asia, the Middle East and probably Africa.  The media would have a frenzy showing all the dead & burnt bodies.  The world’s people will not only condone, but demand a new government to ‘ensure’ that this can never happen again.  Sound probable or improbable?  Are evil men capable of such things?  You decide.

By Susan Shannon