The White House connection to Qaddafi


The White House put insurmountable pressure on long time US ally Hosni Mubarak of Egypt to step down and pave the way for a more radical regime backed by the terrorist sponsoring Muslim Brotherhood. It was a peaceful transfer of power. In Libya, however, Islamic terrorist dictator Muammar Qaddafi is killing people by the hundreds who are demonstrating against his regime. The White House has stood by silently, offering only a statement from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton that the world should speak as one voice in dealing with the Libyan uprising. The question is evident: Why would the American president depose an ally, but do nothing to remove a radical dictator with a long history of terrorism?

There is a connection between the president and Qaddafi that goes far back to at least when the president was attending the church of the radical Jeremiah Wright. Wright was involved with Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. On March 19th, 2007, Ryan Lizza, Senior Editor at The New Republic wrote a biographical piece on Wright explicitly stating that Wright is a former Muslim. Wright accompanied Farrakhan on a 1996 visit to Libya’s terrorist dictator Qaddafi. Whether the president knew Qaddafi during these years is not public knowledge, but there is a connection that appears to run so deep that Qaddafi himself has praised the president on several occasions.

In October 2008, Qaddafi said in a speech, “There are elections in America now. Along came a black citizen of Kenyan African origins, a Muslim, who had studied in an Islamic school in Indonesia. His name is Obama. All the people in the Arab and Islamic world and in Africa applauded this man. . .We still hope that this black man will take pride in his African and Islamic identity, and in his faith.” In April 2010, Qaddafi spoke about the president to a crowd in Sirt, Libya saying, “He is someone I consider a friend. He knows he is a son of Africa. Regardless of his African belonging, he is of Arab Sudanese descent, or of Muslim descent.”

On July 9, 2009 at the G-8 summit FOX News published a picture of the president shaking hands with Qaddafi. The story said the “diplomatic gesture was his latest effort to reach out to controversial world leaders in an attempt to improve the United States’ standing around the world.” Now there are rumors in Libya that al Qaeda has a government in waiting for when Qaddafi is toppled. Interesting that in both Egypt and in Libya, more radical regimes wait in the wings and the American president is in the thick of these events. 2 John 7 says, “For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist.” Our nation is in great peril.


By Bill Wilson

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