There Is No Freedom For America Without Faith In God


It is no mystery that America was founded by courageous and committed Christians who treasured freedom and were willing to fight for it. Our whole foundation legally and culturally was built on Judeo/Christian values and beliefs. This is the true backbone of our history even though many try and invent new history out of the blue.

Of course our founders and framers were far from perfect. Some were slave owners and others were moral posers. However, most were guided by faith in God, honor and the desire to protect freedom. Eventually, most of our early leaders did the right thing regarding slaves. Even George Washington finally released his slaves and gave them all land.

God blessed our nation as we drew into Him and sought His guidance. We came out on the right side of slavery. We confronted it and crushed it. Women battled for the right to vote and won, while civil rights grew for all. America has never been perfect. Our people have struggled with the temptation to lust, power and greed just like any other people in the world. However, it is most clear we aren’t every other country. Why did we explode to the number one super power on earth? I’ll tell you why. Because we are the most inventive, gutsy, creative, entrepreneurial, compassionate, determined and Christian people on earth. God has authored the very formation of our country and purpose in the world, while blessing us with enormous wealth and achievement.

As America has bit into the apple of rebellion, self worship — too busy for God, we have seen God give us what we have asked for more and more. We have become more and more seduced and tricked by evil, thus the famous election of 2008 when we elected a wanna be dictator, Barack Hussein Obama. Evil in most cases first comes as everything good – change, generosity, help, diversion and gifts.

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The ‘diversion’ part of evil has been in our face from the beginning of the Obama machine roll out. The ‘seduction’ shoe has dropped. Now, the ‘oppression and control’ shoe is dropping all around us and people are waking up….although, a bit late but not too late. Half the states have stood against the Health care bill and now the Supreme Court (which Obama taunts) will render a decision.

Obama has signed the NDAA bill into law, another oppressive control coming down. He has signed himself more Marshall law power, approved drones flying overhead, and is systematically destroying our Coal industry and other energy. The Constitution and Congress defying list of controls go on and on. Obama should have been impeached several years ago! Where has Congress been but seduced and quieted in the Obama glue they have been stuck on stupid in?

How did we get this nightmare in the White House?

The America people were bored and tired of Iraq and the war on terror. They wanted ‘change’ and Obama ran on that. He was the ‘the handsome black guy’ ‘the next Martin Luther King’ or ‘John F. Kennedy.’ He campaigned as a Christian, community organizer and man of the people. The majority ignored the brazen facts or Obama’s Communistic and anti American associations, such as his close ties with William Ayers formerly of the Weather Underground terror group and the anti Semitic Professor Rashid Khalidi. In fact, I’m the one that broke the story about Obama’s endless ties with William Ayers and his involvement with the Woods foundation. This got me the nomination of the Ronald Reagan Award from CPAC in 2010.

We have seen Obama spend over 2 million dollars to hide all his College, birth and passport records. Now, Sheriff Joe Arpaio and his ‘Cold Case pose’ law enforcement team and investigators have verified the presented long form birth certificate Obama showed the nation on April 27 was a complete forgery. Other crimes and lies are becoming exposed as his investigation continues. America now has a President who is ineligible to even be there. All his actions, statements and written words point to him being a Muslim not the Christian he says he is.

Let us cut to the bottom line of Obama’s goals

Obama is ashamed of and hates America. His progressive and Muslim goal is to peel us like an onion, expose and submit us to International and Muslim rule. His plan of course is for him to head that international rule after he is done bringing America down as President and forcing us into submission. In Obama’s world there should be no leader, but submissive countries that don’t achieve or stand out but that the U.N. and international powers control. Obama hates state and national sovereignty. Obama thinks our Constitution and congress are simply in the way. Don’t forget his secretary of defense Leon Panetta saying straight to Congress that we submit first to the U.N. and NATO.

The other tyrant shoe has dropped

Remember the ‘Rules for radicals’ bag of tricks that Obama and his team regularly uses to distract, overwhelm and get their way. Between now and November, I predict Obama will dip into our emergency gas reserves so he can temporarily assume credit for bringing gas prices down…right before the election — it is happening already. He will attack the Republicans and Supreme Court as the radical conservatives who have stolen our health care and won’t serve America in her need. He will ask for 4 more years to make things right if the evil Supremes and conservatives manage to crush his mandate with Health care.

Know your enemy – Obama-globalism-radical Islam

Remember that with God all things are possible. Chronicles 7: 14 (New International version) ‘If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land.’

Once we know our real enemy and REAL way back to God who has blessed and lead our country we must dive in and confront the evil that is threatening to undo us. We must throw out Obama, his czars and progressive leadership, clean up the House and take back the Senate. We can’t do this by biting into the apple of ‘lesser of two evils’ with Romney, also a supporter of big Government, abortion for most his political career and the NDAA Bill. He does not stand for America but for himself and his political career.

Recently I was at a national debate held in Michigan for the Constitution Party. I am going for their nomination. You can get a real idea of who I am and what I believe from my opening statements.

I am running for President as ‘The Peoples’ President and a visionary outsider who has no intention of taking it anymore. I do believe in and submit to God, I do have liberating and practical ideas as to how to get our country back into shape…quickly. I have worked hard over the years to put my ego in the closet and get out of the way. We can do this together and make history. Join me at: and listen into my show at:


By Dr. Laurie Roth

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