Three Events That Will Most Likely Wipe Out ALL Your Savings, If You Do Not Take Action Now


ray-gano-med2015 – 2018 will be a literal financial hell for the United States.


 We will not see our nation come out of this till around 2020 – 2025.

This is not a some theory, it is a demographic fact based on pure numbers of our current population.

What is happening?

The largest income and wealth producing generation in history is slowly dying. They are downsizing and holding more on to what they have, verses spending like they used to for things they want.

What that generation is beginning to realize is that “Too Big To Fail” greed, inflation, and taxes is robbing them of much of what they through would get them through the golden years.

The perfect storm is bearing down upon us, at this very moment.

Those who recognize it and take immediate action will “Survive The Coming Storm.”

Those who bury their heads, live in denial, and think that this can’t happen to them. All these people will become victims and will suffer unimaginable loses at the hands of predatory financial power house institutions.

We have three massive storms forming that will most likely collide in the coming months ahead.

ERISA Effect Is Beginning To Peak

erisaWhat is that? “ERISA” or known as the “Employee Retirement Income Security Act. This is the law that gave birth to the 401(k).

ERISA has a major flaw that many people do not look at or even know of. ERISA has a mandatory withdrawal mechanism at age seventy and a half. At that age you MUST start withdrawing your money from the 401(k) s, IRAs, etc. That means millions of baby boomers will be forced to systematically withdraw from their 401(k), IRAs.

In 2016 it is estimated that there will be 2,282,887 baby boomers that are turning seventy and a half. They all must start selling, and pulling their money out of the stock market.

In 2017 it jumps to 2,928,818 more people. That is about 700,000 more people than the year before that will start selling and pulling their money out of the stock market too.

What happens when millions of people start selling millions of shares of stock?

The prices start to drop and fast.

The laws of supply and demand will come into effect, and the odds of major panic just increased enormously.

The Great Senior Sell-off

50+ percent of all owner-occupied homes are owned by those 55 and older.

Peak ownership of homes going on the block for sale will be sold by baby boomers age 65 – 70. This is the same age where ERISA will take effect.

Remember, baby boomers age 70 and a half MUST start taking out their retirement earnings and taxes will be paid. The government will demand their pound of flesh.

But there is another leverage taking place. The dollar does not buy as much as it used to. So many of these 70+ year old baby boomers will have to downsize to make up the losses.

The baby boomers, due to economic losses WILL DOWNSIZE and sell their homes. They will be forced to sell and unlock that cash.

It is a demographic fact that there are not enough buyers for homes today to absorb the amount of homes that are coming on the market.

Because of this downsize in the housing market, it will cause the price of homes to drop through the floor. Home owners now will become severely upside down and most likely be forced into foreclosure because banks will start predatory practices and start calling in home loans.

Most people will not be able to pay the loan when it is called and will foreclose.

AIIB – The Death Blow To The Dollar As The Global Reserve

preparing-for-economic-collapse-webThe Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank – this is the new kid on the block in the financial world, and you know what? The world likes it a lot more than they like the US banking system.

By March 31, 2015 – 44 Countries have signed on with China and the BRICS nations to form a new banking system, in essence to cut the dollar out of the picture and no longer having to deal with the heavily regulated draconian US banking system.

The AIIB will go “on line” at the end of 2015 beginning of 2016.

When it goes on line and operational, the need for international business & oil will no longer need the US dollar. AIIB circumvents the entire US financial system.

That means that the dollar will lose Global Reserve Status. The main effect this will have, the US will become more and more isolated.

Due to many issues this current administration has done, (and the countries do not like it) the world has created a second option to the fiat “dollar,” as a world reserve currency. Once the AIIB is fully functionable, the dollar will fade faster and faster as the leading international currency for settling trade between nations.

This ability, to be the Global Reserve Currency, is what America has been leveraging and “banking on” for the past 20+ years.

It is what has allowed us to run up our massive debt, make world rules, and strong arm other nations to capitulate to our desires.

Take away that need to use US dollars in global transactions and what does America have then?

Nothing… except for the washed up memories of days gone by of our former greatness.

What Will The US Do?

Like any nation that has a massive economic collapse like this, they always turn inward and start to consume their own.

Argentina did it, Zimbabwe did it, all nations do it when they have severely over reached their economic capability.

The country MUST have financial solvency, so they start confiscating all the money that they can via bank accounts, savings accounts, retirement accounts.

If it has cash in it, they will find a way to regulate it out of your ownership and into theirs.

What is important is this, “what are YOU going to do?”

You still have a chance to take action so that you are able to “Survive The Coming Storm.”

stcs-pmg-bookcover-webBut you have to educate yourself and realize that you do have options and then act on those.

We are not the first nation to lose Global Reserve Currency status. This takes place every 100 years or so. The last nation that held it before we took over was England. When they lost it, it took that nation about 7-10 years to financially bounce back. 

It will take about the same amount of time for the US to bounce back as well.

This is why I wrote my book “ Survive The Coming Storm – The Poor man’s Guide To Preserving Your Wealth In an Economic Collapse.”

This book is NOT for the person who has the great 401K and is set for life.

But can that person benefit reading this? … You bet.

This book is for the person who maybe has that pittance of a retirement account that will not see you through two years past 65.

This book is for the person who may not even have a retirement account and will have to work the rest of their lives. (Believe it or not, there is a large growing number of this sort of group of people.)

This book is for person who does not trust their money being in the stock market for fear that one day the Government might confiscate it or their retirement account goes up in smoke because some fat cat on Wall Street ran a bad bet on some derivatives and instead of him losing, you lost it all in a matter of seconds.

This book is for the person who sees the writing on the wall and realizes that one day the US Economy will fall through the floor and the paper dollar will be used to wipe up after a mess and then flushed down the toilet.

This book is for the person who sees, knows and recognizes tangible assets that most other people do not see or recognize. It is for that person who wants to know what to do with those uncommon tangible assets.


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