US Drought is Here and Famine is at The Doorstep


For the past three years I have been warning people about food shortages. This year it is bad, real bad.

While in Branson I spoke with a farmer and a rancher. Both of them were very troubled about the serious lack of food our nation is facing as well as food not being produced. Folks, these are the producers and they were concerned. Many people often forget that food does not come from “The Back” at Walmart nor does food magically appear off of trucks. Food is produced on farms and ranches. If the food is not being produced, then food will not make it to the stores.

I have been tracking food cost for some time and was amazed at the cost of things today at the grocery store. We just had to pick up a few things and “normally” they would not cost that much. We walked out with a $156.00 bill. Now that may not sound like a lot, but we only had about 7-8 bags of stuff.

In the past I would count bags and run some quick math and determine the average cost per bag. 5 years ago each bag was approx $5.00 a bag, two years ago it jumped to $10.00 a bag. Today I ran the math and it came to approx $18.00 a bag. Now this is not a scientific analysis or anything, but I am going to start counting the cost per bag over the next month to see if it says at an average of $18 or goes higher. Personally I think it will go higher.

US DROUGHT July 31 2012Lorri Harding has been doing a great job keeping the PZ Insiders abreast of what is going on food production wise.

Here is what she just reported…

“The USDA has now added 218 more counties to the drought disaster list. These new numbers now put us at a little over one-half of the USA being considered drought disaster areas.”

Did you get that? Over half our nation is in drought disaster. That means that crops are NOT being watered or produced.

For some time Tracye and I knew that these days would be coming. We wanted to be ready for this so that we could help our readers. That is when we got involved in representing Shelf Reliance’s THRIVE brand of long term food.

Scripture says..

Genesis 6:21 – 22  And take thou unto thee of all food that is eaten, and thou shalt gather it to thee; and it shall be for food for thee, and for them. 22  Thus did Noah; according to all that God commanded him, so did he.

Proverbs 6:6  Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise:

I have been warning people for some time now to start putting food aside and start looking at it as an investment. Well today, the rubber hit the road for me when I ran those quick numbers. Couple the rising food shortage along with the buying power of the dollar diminishing and it frightful.

Folks, if we continue down this path we are going to get to a point where people will not be able to afford to buy food. already we have over 45 million people on foodstamps alone.

It is going to get worse. The farmer and rancher that I met seriously told me that it would not surprise them to hear of about cases of canabalism in major cities. When I heard that I must have given them a “Yea right” look to my face. Both got that concerned excitement in their voice and reiterated that what they were saying they were dead serious.

Prices are going up, that is a fact. Shelves are not showing the variety that they used to a couple years ago.

Have you noticed boxes of food getting “taller and thiner”?

Have you noticed containers not being as large as they used to be? Example remember you could get a half gallon of ice cream? When was the last time you saw a half gallon of a major brand?

Notice cans of coffee getting shorter and yet they are the same price that the larger cans used to be?

If you are concerned about food and you would like to start stocking up your pantry, Please know tht Tracye and I are here to help. As I said we knew this was coming and we wanted to be positioned to help our PZ Insiders.

We can help with multiple solutions. Even if you only have $50.00 a month, we can help you start building up your pantry so that you have the means to weather this famine that is coming.

Please take a few moments and visit Tracye and I’s Shelf Reliance Website by going to >>>

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via email or over the phone. My home phone is 830-625-8100. If we do not answer, leave a message on the answering machine. We will either pick up or call you back.

Better yet, email me and schedule a time to talk so I can spend quality time with you.  

In the mean time Below is Lorri’s entire report that she posted to the Prophezine Forum.

And So It Begins… AGAIN!

By Lorri Harding

The following link is to a video/article produced by CBS that semi-accurately depicts what is happening nationwide regarding the cattle industry. I say “semi-accurately” because the title of the article indicates that Arkansas is a “famed” cattle producing state, which it is not. It also reports that Oklahoma ranchers are travelling over 200 miles to Arkansas sale barns to purchase cattle at a cheap price in order to replenish their own herds. I find that difficult to believe since most Oklahoma ranchers are now having to sale off their herds for the very reasons Arkansas cattlemen are having to sell off theirs. There is no more grass, hay or water here in Oklahoma than in Arkansas, and in fact, all but 4 of the 77 counties in Oklahoma are in exceptional drought.

Be that as it may, the video and article does show that cattlemen across the nation are being forced to sell off their herds once again due to lack of pastureland, hay, feed and water. As I stated in a previous post, this is most frustrating and painful because most ranchers were trying to replenish their herds after having to sell off during last year’s drought.

I have to admit, my heart ached quite a bit, and a couple of tears welled up in my eyes, as I watched the rancher in the video give the CBS reporter a tour of this farm. I know first hand what its like to put your heart, time, energy, money, blood, sweat, and tears into something as large as cattle production only to watch it drive off for a third of what you have invested in it. Since my husband and I raise cattle, I know what its like to gamble your finances on quality breeding stock; I know what its like to spend hours building fence in 100+ degree heat; I know what it’s like to have to go search for cows that got out, or for calves after a flood; I know what it’s like to get up in the middle of the night during a snow storm to help cows deliver their first calf.

Farming and ranching is a year-around job and not everyone can handle the lifestyle, yet everyone expects to find beef, chicken, and veggies in the grocery stores, and those are only supplied by the ones willing to take the risk in order to feed the world.

With that said, many of you may be thinking “with all the cattle going to sale, beef prices will surely be dropping.” Think again, my friend. That ain’t gonna happin!!! For those of you who don’t know, here are how things work, basically:

– Beef producers (usually individual ranchers) raise their calves to about 400 lbs then take them to the sale barn;
– Big feed lot operations (usually owned by companies like Tyson, et al) purchase the calves and transport them to their feed lots where they feed them out to around 1100 to 1300 lbs;
– Cattle are then taken to slaughter houses where they are dressed out, packaged, and delivered to grocery stores.

Beef producers are selling off their herds because they no longer have enough grass in their pastures to graze their cattle. Many are already feeding their winter hay, which will leave them short this winter. Corn and soybean, which makes up the feed ingredients, have failed; therefore, grain will be too expensive to purchase or not available at all. The extreme heat has caused ponds and streams to dry up; therefore, there is no water available for cattle unless the rancher can afford to have large amounts of water delivered in tanks, but with no hay/feed, having water isn’t going to do much good.

Since ranchers have no grass, no hay, no feed and no water, the cattle are taken to sale extremely underweight. When the feed lot operations purchase these cattle, they are having to spend twice the amount for feed stuff in order to get the cattle up to slaughter weight (1100 to 1300 lbs). Remember, 90% of all corn and soybean crops have already failed, so it will be either REALLY expensive to purchase grains or totally impossible.

Now that the corn crops have failed, it will not be nearly as cheap to produce biofuels, and with the turmoil in the Middle East, gas prices are expected to rise; therefore, transportation costs for cattle will also go up.

So now you have it… even though the market is flooded with cattle right now, there is no way we’re going to see a reduction in beef prices, in fact, you can just count on them continuing to go up. Keep this in mind as well… ranchers will most likely have all their herds sold off before September, if not before. Once the cattle are gone, they’re simply gone and very few will be entering the market after that. This isn’t merely beef prices, but ALL meat prices. ALL areas of the meat industry is going to be effected by this. Poultry and swine companies have already been cutting back on the amount of chicken and turkey and pork they raise, and with no corn crop, they’ll be forced to cut back even further.

For those of you who do not know, farming and ranching is a business. This drought will force quite a few farmers and ranchers out of business… or, out of work. This is not only going to effect food supplies and prices, but the over all economy as well because these people will now be counted among the unemployed.

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