US Sells Out Israel – Iran Keeps Nukes – US is Officially Toast


1-we-are-toastPZ SPECIAL NOTE

I am going to be talking about some disturbing things which will probably offend some. If you cannot handle what I am going to say, please do not read this article. I will be pushing against your comfort zone and presenting hard truth.

You have been fairly warned.

Like it or not, we are living in the last days of the last days.

I am one who believes that we are the final generation / age of the gentile that scripture talks about.

Many people give lip service to this idea by claiming it, but when the rubber hits the road, which we are witnessing, all of a sudden they turn tail running in disbelief. Many people then begin to bury their head and shoot the messenger for presenting the truth that they do not want to hear.

God is not a respecter of men and He views “we the people” as just that, “we the people.”

Something else that we need to keep in mind is that the US is not the center of the world like so many Americans like to believe. Jerusalem is the center of the world. God’s throne is not draped in the US Flag. In fact we are an empire in decline. Even more than that, we are a nation that has turned her back upon the Lord.

We are where we are in our nation because “we the people” allowed it to happen.

In fact the ones who are most responsible are ourselves, those of us who claim to be Christians.


Because we as the church have become lackadaisical and complacent. Due to our lack of a backbone, refusing to truly live for the Lord and occupying till He returns, our nation is where it is and we are the ones to blame because we were poor stewards.

I say all this because there are those who have this idea that even though we have been poor stewards, allowed evil to prevail and have done nothing about it; that all of a sudden God is going to come down and rapture us out because things are beginning to get a little tough here in the US.

In no way can we compare what is taking place in our nation to that of Ethiopia, Sudan and other areas where Christians who are dying daily for the faith, starving, lack water, tortured, etc.

When it comes to persecution and such, the US cannot even compare to what is taking place in other parts of the world and how bad Christians are suffering.

I am saying all of this because an event took place this weekend that I think is critical in light of bible prophecy.

US Completely Sells Out Israel & America is Officially Toast

Genesis 12:3 and I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.

2-obi-uniformThe Obama administration has made the bad deal of all bad deals and with none other than with Iran.

The administration stated that the agreement freezes Iranian Nuclear production.

Like always, the administration is lying… well stretching the truth.

Even the New York Times acknowledges that “only some elements are frozen, and rollbacks in the initial agreement are relatively minor” and can be easily reversed.

What this so called deal really produced is a means which the US can back away from the anti-Iran rhetoric and retreat from the so called “Red Line” hard stance that the administration supposedly took with Iran.

This is the same “red line” that the U.N. Security Council voted on and approved which basically calls for Iran to stop their enrichment of uranium. This process allows Iran to move closer to producing nuclear weapons and Iran with nukes is not a good thing at all.

Oh and out of all of this Iran gets significant sanctions relief.

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL… Iran will receive a break and get $4 billion in sanctions relief.

AND ON TOP OF THAT…Iran will get an access to $4.2 billion in foreign exchange.

This is not some hard line “You better do this Iran or else” sort of deal, but more of an appeasement with Iran.

In putting this so called deal into effect, it is a way for the Obama administration to avoid confronting Iran. Which is something they really didn’t want to do in the first place.

Some of you may be asking why they would do this.

Primarily because this administration has made it very clear that the US is no longer a friend of Israel. Instead we are now in bed with Islam with their ranks of Muslim terrorists who are mostly sponsored by Iran.

In signing this deal, this administration has sent a clear signal to Israel that the US now stands with Iran, Hezbollah, Muslim Brotherhood Al Qaeda and all the other anti-Israel – anti US groups.

Not only has this administration sold out Israel, but by our own actions we are signing a death warrant on our own nation.

In the long run, the US via this administration is ultimately giving our enemies the means to develop and produce nuclear weapons.

This very bad deal will eventually come back and stab the US in the back. This is a historical fact. Whenever we capitulate, often our “new friends” use our own “gifts” of weapons and technology against us.

1-bless-them-that-blessBelieve it or not, this is not the worst of it.

Genesis 12:3 and I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee: and in thee shall all families of the earth be blessed.

Because we have turned our backs on Israel and basically betrayed her, we are now officially cursing Israel. That curse will in turn bring our nation even further to our knees.

I believe that any sort of blessing the US had is not out the window.

Not only have we declared war on God in our own land, and that is bad place to be, we have basically declared war against God’s chosen people Israel and sided with her enemies, giving them the means to literally turn the land of Israel into parking lot with just a push of a button.

No Matter What You Believe – We Are Facing God’s Promise in Action

I do not care if you are post, mid, pre-wrath or Pre-Trib, we are facing God’s Promise and because of what we have done, we are going to have to face that promise square in the face.

I have been warning for some time now about the coming storm our nation is facing.

To be honest, this event caught me off guard. Even though I had a heads up about it, I did not want to report on it till the dust settled.

Like it or not we are now on the curse side of Genesis 12:3.

If you thought things were getting bad, I honestly believe that due to this weekend’s events, things are going to get a whole lot worse off.

Here is the crux of the issue, I do not believe that God is going to come rapture out a church that has become lazy, complacent and poor stewards. I believe that He is going to allow us to lie in the bed that we have made and face His chastisement.

Now I know that there are some out there that are saying “ But we are not destined to wrath” and that is correct, but this is not God’s wrath that we are now facing. Where we are in the grand scheme of things is on the wrong side of God’s Promise.

With this weekend’s actions we are no longer on Genesis 12:3 side of blessing. Instead we are now facing the curse of Genesis 12:3.

Our nation is in a heap of trouble and we will feel the repercussions of God’s promise in action.

Prophecy, Promises, & Putting it All Together

There will be those that will say this event is prophetic, and I agree.

I also see more of God’s Promise in this than it being entirely a prophetic event.

Yes, we can look at what is taking place and project forward towards Ezekiel 38 – 39.

jesus return3But I honestly believe that we will have to deal with God’s promise of blessing and curse before we see something take place with Ezekiel 38-39.

I also believe that already we are beginning to see repercussions of this weekend’s events.

For several years I have been preaching and teaching about the need to build one’s ark.

About 3 weeks ago I held a special lecture on Food Preparedness and why now out of all the times of the year is the best time to start preparing.

I also sent out information on an incredible sale that Shelf Reliance will be having starting the day after Thanksgiving.

Famine is striking the land and I implore you, no I beg you to read the writing on the wall.

We are now officially a nation that has cursed Israel. We are on the wrong side of God’s Promise and we are in BIG trouble.

Here is a part of an email that I just got this morning from a reader…

“My brother’s wife is the main produce buyer for all Kroger stores west of the Mississippi.  She buys every bit of produce in the San Joaquin Valley she can get her hands on.  Pine Flat Reservoir – a main water provider for Central Valley farmers – is at 16% water capacity and dropping by the day, with no rain/snow in sight.  He’s telling me if they don’t get a substantial amount of rain this winter we can expect massive shortages of fruits and veggies come May, perhaps sooner.  Many farmers are already talking about planting, then discing up their land and making crop insurance pay for it and not even bothering to try and produce a crop. This is an area that has already been devastated by the EPA, and only averages around 6″ per yr.  A massive amount of rain would be 10′-12″, which still won’t be enough.  Most water comes as snow in the Sierra’s and flows to the reservoirs.  And it’s just not coming.”

I have known this reader for over 20 years and his information is very credible.

I have been warning of the lack of solid harvests for the last 4-5 years in the central US along with freezes, floods and over natural disasters effecting the US food supply.

We have been witnessing food prices rising. A few newsletters ago I mentioned how the cost of food has risen 54% from June of 2012 to June of 2013.

How much more has food risen since then?

Ignoring This Fact, Rolling Over and Burring Your Head is NOT The Answer

We are now facing a major event, that being God’s Curse for us for completely selling out Israel.

No matter what the politicians and their pundits say or how the press wants to spin it, this is what has happened and there is no way to ignore this.

We have to realistically face this so that no matter what happens, we are able to try to correct this course and stand of God. Our job is to share the Gospel and continue to live for the King whom we have submitted our lives to.

1 Peter 3:15 but sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you with meekness and fear:

In this scripture Peter reminds us that we are to ALWAYS be ready to give an answer. Always means just that, Always. That means in good times or in bad time we are to be ready.

When I speak like this many people see this as some from of being afraid or out of some sort of self-preservation.

That is not the motivation behind this. If you have been my reader for any amount of time you know this.

Hard times are now here and the storm is going to be a whole lot worse due to us as a nation turning our backs and betraying Israel.

In all of this I personally see a chance to make a difference. We can step up to the plate where so many pastors have failed in this days and start sharing the real biblical truth.

Let people know that we are all sinners in need of a savior and even though we are living in tough times, we can make a difference by sharing the gospel.

See, it isn’t the laws we make, the people we elect that make the difference. The difference comes when we as God’s people start sharing the truth in true love. Not this watered down anything goes all in the name of tolerance garbage.

way truth lifeTolerance will not get people to heaven, there is only one truth and one truth only that will get people to heaven.

Jesus said…

John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

This is the truth that must be preached.

So if you do not accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior, you are destined to Hell forever.

We want to change our nation? This is the ONLY thing that will change it.

BUT … to change this nation, we are going to have to weather the storm. Noah made it through the storm by the ark he built.

Joseph made it through the 7 years of famine because God gave him the foresight when they were in 7 years of plenty.

God is giving those of us who see the writing on the wall the foresight to do the same.

Let me ask you this, how effective and credible for the Lord will you be when you are standing in some soup kitchen line, down and out on your luck?

We are commanded to “not temp the Lord Thy God.”

If you are expecting Him to rain pennies from heaven or put a $20.00 bill tree in your back yard, it isn’t going to happen.

God does promise that He will care for you, but that promise is not made to the sluggard, but to the man who occupies his time with the things of God and not allowing idol time to pass him by.

That means we need to get off our rears and get off the side lines and start getting in the game. It does not matter how old or young you are, male or female, short, tall, fat or skinny.

We are Christians and we are called to give our lives for Him. Romans 12:1 clearly states this and it is our reasonable service to Him.

He died for us, it is our solum duty to live for Him.

We have a responsibility to Him and the time is now to step up to that plate. The storm is just moments away thanks to what this administration did to Israel by standing with Iran.

What Are You Going To Do?

If you are like me, you can CLEARLY see the writing on the wall.

You KNOW that the curse of Genesis 12:3 is now upon us.

If you call yourself a bible believing Christian, then the time to stand is now.

It is not to late to prepare your ark so that you can do what you need to do so that once the storm passes you can be effective for Him.

ray-book-3d-medThere is no shirking our duty, to do so means that even worse will come.

We have been lazy and complacent long enough. We need to look at how we can be effective for Him and start building our ark to see us through the storm.

If I can help you with any advice, please do not hesitate to ask.

Know that you can also login to the PZ Insider area and access our PZ Preparedness area and our PZ Survival Library, as well as our UNDERGROUND resources.

I have posted session #4 from the bible study “Keys To Spiritual Survival” I have posted the supporting articles, worksheets and sessions 1-4 to this area. This bible study will help you weather this coming storm as well.

If you have not gotten my book “Survive The Coming Storm – The Value of a Preparedness Lifestyle.” You can order it from Amazon, in fact it is now being offered on Kindle.

ORDER NOW —    $7.95

Folks, we are here to serve and can help you get your ark in order. What you need to do is just contact me. Know that you are not alone.


By Ray Gano








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