Violence, More Violence, and Racism


It all seems to be too much at times…yet it continues unabated.  Every day, as part of my routine to keep abreast of what is happening in this nation and in the world, I read a variety of things to help me understand.  I try to avoid the mainstream media bureaus like the plague, but I will check them out if for no other reason than to see what they are trying to get the average American to believe.  Through their bias, we see the disturbing lies.  Those lies are represented by nearly all of the mainstream media, including FOX News, though with FOX, it’s normally related to what they leave out of the picture, whereas the others purposefully attempt thought-control on the masses by what they leave in and how they interpret things.

It gets tiring for me because I tend to get pulled into the situations emotionally and I hate that.  It is a constant battle to keep myself removed from all the emotionalism and jargon proffered by completely biased “journalists” who seek only their own meaning and definition with respect to the events that happen in America.

For Andrea Mitchell, fake journalist, the reality for her with respect to Susan Rice is that there was so much racism and sexism directed toward her that Rice had no choice but to pull out of the race for Secretary of State, the position that Hillary Clinton cannot vacate soon enough, but resolutely waits for a replacement to be found.  Looks like the spotlight is now beginning to shine on John “Swift Boat” Kerry.

To Andrea Mitchell, I would simply like to say that it has nothing to do with race or gender where Rice is concerned.  It’s simply because she lacks the qualifications necessary and because she was caught up in deliberately spreading the lies surrounding Benghazi, thinking people simply do not trust her.  But you keep beating that drum of racism, all right Andrea?  You know in your heart it has nothing to do with it, but you value your job at NBC, so you play their game of spreading lies because that’s their game plan.  You know that should you decide to stop playing their game, you won’t have a job long.{pub}To read this entire article, please register and it will be opened up to you{/pub} {reg}

My mind is literally boggled from one day to the next when I stop to consider just how terribly corrupt our government has become and the media – in its entirety – plays along with it.  The media dutifully presents the “facts” of each situation that simply continue to cover over the flops and illegalities of this current administration.

The truth of the matter is that I cannot honestly think of an administration that has not had its problems.  All of them have their moments of corruption and self-aggrandizement.  They all want to seem totally above-board.  That is the big difference between the Obama administration and previous administration.  With administrations from the past, they had their moments that became unfortunately defined them.  For Bill Clinton, it was his tryst with Monica Lewinsky.  For George W. Bush, there were several things that came to light that tended to define him and his administration.  Probably the biggest had to do with getting the United States in a war with Iraq.  Though he went through all the proper channels and gained the support of even the UN, there are still questions as to why we needed to get involved in a full-scale war when it might have simply been better to continue to go after bin Laden separately.  For other previous administrations, we can go through them and pick them apart here and there as well.

Unfortunately, with the Obama administration, it simply appears to be one long list of events – one right after the other – that is defining this administration and the truth of the matter is that unlike previous administrations, Mr. Obama seems not to care at all what people think or whether or not he is even inclined to uphold the rule of law in this country.  That truth cannot be ignored, yet it is routinely ignored by the media and the race-baiters who have no difficulty in calling down the wrath of heaven whenever something seems not to go in their favor.

I am deeply saddened by the fact that we have criminals running the United States.  There is really no other way to put it.  Though no one has been convicted yet, it seems only a matter of time before the system becomes so overburdened that it will be crushed under its own weight of evil.  How does that happen?

Many of my Christian friends would say that God allows this because of America’s sins.  Abortion – the murder of unborn children whom God has created – is tremendously high in this nation.  It could be, but I also believe that God at times, simply allows evil to run its course.  This is the case throughout many portions of Scripture.  I was reading through Zechariah and Malachi this morning and the sense is that God allows evil to have its day, but He always comes in a takes it out.

We have so much evil being perpetrated on society today.  A few days ago, there was the attempted massacre at an Oregon mall by a madman with a semi-auto rifle.  Today, another shooting has just occurred, this time in Connecticut and at an elementary school no less.  A father of one of the children came to the school with two guns and began shooting. [1]  It’s believed 27 are dead, including children and the shooter.  These are terrible tragedies, but they are coming too quickly and too often.  Something is very strange indeed.  There is something demonstrably evil about these events and of course, it goes without saying that they will be politicized in favor of creating more anti-gun legislation.

Tragically, another event unfolded in China, where a knife-wielding man injured at least 22 children and one adult. [2]  Tragedies like these will continue because the demonic has gotten hold of too many people on this planet.  Legislatures will never see the spiritual problem associated with this type of carnage.  They will only do what they know how to do and that is to make more laws.  Unfortunately, laws do not correct spiritual problems.  They simply make it easier for people to see the spiritual problems.  Paul said this about the law.  The law has no capacity to correct actions.  It was simply given by God in order to point out the depraved nature of humanity.

Legislators will never see patterns or events as being perpetrated by evil.  They will only see the manifestations of evil and believe that laws will correct the problem.  Only spiritually minded people in the form of authentic Christians will realize what the root of the problem is and the solution to those problems.

We have too many examples of race-related crimes today, but since many of the victims are white and the perpetrators are black, they largely go unreported and unnoticed by the media.  Don’t ride the train in the Metro DC area if you are white.  Chances are that you’ll be beaten and then ignored by the officials who can do anything about it, as well as the media.  Don’t believe me?  Read about it here in an article called “Black Skin Privilege.”

So what do we do?  What do authentic Christians do when society seems to be inflamed with inequities perpetrated by evil-minded people who laugh at the pain they inflict on others?

This morning, I took the time to express my hurt, my anger, and my frustration to a holy God.  I was not angry at Him.  I simply expressed my concerns; concerns He knew were already in my heart.  Do I give up?  How do I separate myself from the problems of this world when they grab onto you emotionally?  How do I move away from those things so that I can continue to be a light for His gospel?  How does one continue to rely on God for His strength, His wisdom, His discernment when you are dealing with a world that cares not only nothing about God, but for the rule of law in general?

At every turn, the media speaks of racism, sexism, and other things that are solely designed to incite.  They never discuss it in a way that engenders creative solutions and because they essentially only address one side of the issue, they are seen for what they are: race-baiters themselves.  They obviously want to incite people to continue to do what they do with black on white crime because it serves their purposes.

Whether it’s Andrew Mitchell deliberately lying about the reason why Ambassador Rice withdrew from her run for Secretary of State or whether it’s columnist Rob Parker questioning comments made by “Washington Redskins starting quarterback Robert Griffin III’s comment in USA Today that he won’t be defined by his race,” the reality is that we are up against stupidity at every turn.  In the case of Robert Griffin who essentially stated that he did not want to be defined by his race, but by his talent, Parker then asked whether or not Griffin was “a brother, or is he a cornball brother?” [4]

The stupidity of that question should be obvious, but for those who miss the point, I’ll explain it.  The implication by Parker is that all blacks are to think exactly alike.  They must all be Democrats, not Republican (as Griffin is), and the fact that Griffin has a white fiance is also held up to question by Parker.  This is so absurd, that it is difficult to believe it needs a response!  The worst part is that these people make their racist statements with a completely straight face.  All these individuals are doing is creating an ever-widening gulf between the races because that’s what they continually focus on.  It is their reason for living.

I’m simply appalled.  I’m appalled at the level of violence in our society here in America and throughout the world.  I’m appalled that those committing the violence do not see the problem at all, which tells me they are already insane or demonically-controlled (which is likely the same thing).  I am further appalled at the amount of black individuals who continue to perpetrate the worst type of racism against whites and other blacks who do not fit their description of what it means to be a black person today.

The divisions within society are becoming extremely entrenched and obvious.  So what do we do?  A friend of mine told me this morning:

“I was kicking myself last night for getting so fretful over what I had read- for not having peace – but after time in prayer for our Dear Leader and his cohorts I realized that where sin abounds, grace abounds much more. He will help us out or through what is to face us. Our job will be to share the gospel and we need to trust God with all else or we will be poor witnesses.”

Well said, and when it comes down to it, there really is nothing else we can do.  Draw close and stay close to the Lord, folks.


By Fred DeRuvo






[4] Ibid



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