We Can Not Quit, We Must Fight Even After The Polls Close


ray-gano-medBy Ray Gano

Folks, I am going to be honest. I was feeling great and then Comey dropped the bomb that FBI is still going to do nothing about the high crimes that Hillary Clinton has committed against the American people.

When me and Tracye heard the news, it knocked the wind out of us.

I went on Facebook and I must say that I was sickened to the point that it made my stomach turn.  Already there are spineless coward Christians basically throwing in the towel.

I read one post where this loser of a Christian stated “Hillary is now leading in the polls, so why should I go vote?”

This is a defeatist mentality and we can not allow ourselves to succumb to this.

We have a chance to reinvigorate the culture war.

We have a chance to allow prayer back in schools.

The Ten Commandments to be displayed in public places.

People once again allowed to pray and preach in public and not be arrested.

We have a chance to over turn the Johnson amendment that basically puts a strangle hold on pastors and churches preventing them freedom of speech and expression.

We have a chance to completely defund Planned Parenthood.

We even have a chance to over turn Roe v Wade.

There is even a chance to overturn gay marriage and return to what God intended marriage to be, one man and one woman.

If people just throw in the towel, give up, don’t vote, then all that I have mentioned above will be lost forever.

hillary-hates-christiansIn fact, if Hillary wins what we will see is the pendulum swing so far to the radical left that I honestly can see Christianity be outlawed and people being put in prison for just owning a KJV bible or saying prayers over a meal in public.

If she wins, I believe that we will see a replay of WWII history and instead of 6 million Jews being murdered, we will see 6 million, probably even more Christians go to their deaths in one of over 300 Hillary’s “re-education” camps AKA FEMA Camps.

This is why voting tomorrow is so critical and so important. Our very nation and our religious freedoms are what’s at stake.

This quiet possibly could turn out to be a very close race, with Hillary and the Democrats doing everything they can to steal the election.

So if you are one of these people who think that you vote will not count, you are wrong. Your vote along with a few hundred more could be what either makes America great again, or sold down the globalist / communist path of destruction.

Please do not listen to what the media is saying.

Get to the polls and vote.

If you know someone who has not voted, take them with you and encourage them to vote for Trump.

This is no longer a democrat and republican issue.

This has turned into a good vs evil issue.

We have the chance to put America back on the right path again, reverse the wrongs we have allowed and through our prayers seeking forgiveness, see God heal our land once again.

crusader-kneelsBut if you give up, throw in the towel or are just a spineless Christian, then if Hillary wins, it will be these sorts of people who will be to blame.

We can not give up, we have got to fight till the polls close, but one they do, the fight has just begun. We need to continue the fight and hold Trump’s feet to the fire or fight the evils that a Hillary administration will bring about.

No matter what, we have a fight on our hands and we can’t give up. We can’t throw in the towel.

We need to fight and continue the fight even after the polls close.



Be Ready For Post-Election Violence From The Left

ray-gano-medBy Ray Gano

Well we have about 9 more like 8 before the election on November 8th.

As many of you know, I spend some time on Facebook checking out what is going on and also what others are saying.

I am going to let you in on a little secret, I have an alternate user account that I have been honing for a couple of years.

The great thing is that this “pseudo Ray” gets in some of those groups that most Christians / conservatives are not allowed in just because they are who they are.

It is a great way to peek in on what the other side is doing, saying and thinking.

Let me tell you this… they are not thinking nice things about us at all.

In fact, when you get into some of these groups, you find that they are thinking very bad things about us.

Here is the bad part, many and I mean many of these people (ultra-liberal. Marxist, Democrats) have no problem in committing physical damage to personal property and to people themselves.