What “I” Think Will Happen


ray-gano-medThere is a lot of fear going around. To be honest, most of the fear is from people who did not take the time to prepare for this coming storm. Now they realize that what me and other watchmen have been warning about is happening.

But the good news is that if this is you, you still have a chance to take care of things and “build your ark.”

What I Believe Will Happen

Many of you know that I often point to history.


Because God’s Word clearly states that man forgets his history, and because he forgets it, he will repeat it.

There are a number of teachers out there that are promoting a “sky is falling” mentality.


Yes, I do see these as warning signs. But it seems to me that some of these “teachers “ and “radio hosts” are promoting more sensationalism than they are promoting realistic truth.


Now, are things going to get really bad?

Yes they are.

What I don’t believe is that the world is going to end sometime in September like some of these people promote.

I do believe that we in the US will see an economic collapse take place.

What I do not think that the collapse will happen all of a sudden and catch everyone off guard.

Even the great depression did not catch people off guard, at least the ones that were paying attention. Those who were paying attention and saw the writing on the wall were able to prepare, plan and build an ark. Because they planned, prepared and built an ark, they were able to take bad things and turn them into good. They were able to bless their neighbors and be a help to others. They were able to share the gospel because God showed them that hard times are coming.

Like God has been showing many people today.

The problem is that many people out there have been ignoring what God has been showing them and they refuse to heed God’s warning of a coming storm.

A Look At Argentina

If you have been a reader of mine for any amount of time you know that I often point back to Argentina and their economic collapse. It was one of the worse in the world because Argentina was a VERY rich country, more rich that America.

Thing is that crooked politicians and presidents ran the country into the ground all for power, greed and selfishness. Sound familiar?

Here is a VERY GOOD documentary that you can watch about the fall of Argentina. It is about just under two hours long. It is absolutely amazing all the steps that lead to Argentina’s economic collapse, our own nation has been doing and continue to do.

argentinaPlease, take the time to watch this…

WATCH NOW >>> https://youtu.be/Zsqa-YHE36A

If you have taken the time to watch it, you will be blown away as much as I was.

What We Can Learn

What we can learn is that the sky will not fall over night, nor will there be an instant economic collapses, at least not right now.

Like the bankers and elites that brought down Argentina, those same people are bringing our own nation down as well.

What you need to realize is that just because there are some blood moons and we are in the season of Shemitah, it does not GAURANTEE that something is going to happen.

Now I do believe that something is going to happen, but because we are so wrapped up in all the social drama that is taking place in the US at this moment, we will probably not notice some major key event that will probably happen in September , but we will not feel its effect till some time down the road.

What we will be able to do is look back and point to that event when the powers that be will finally pull the carpet out from under our feet.

Look back at the video about Argentina.

Did Argentina fall over night?

Well yes and no.

Yes it did fall overnight, but the powers that be have bled the country so dry that by that time, there was not much further to fall.

THEN they pulled the carpet out from under their feet.

The same is going to happen to America.

We still have way to much money and wealth sitting on the table for the powers that be to just walk away from.

They are going to drain us of all our wealth first and then pull the carpet out, just like they did to Argentina.

Recent Example of Bleeding The US Dry

A few weeks ago we had a huge drop in the markets. Come to find out about 1.3 trillion dollars disappeared that Monday.

POOF… GONE … Lost forever in never never land.

Or did it really just go Poof, or did the elite funnel off more of the people’s wealth?

Those of you who have 401K, IRA, something like that and see how much money you lost in your retirement.

market dropOdds are you lost probably $1000 or more.

Did your account get wiped dry? Odds are that it did not.

Money was still able to go Poof and you really didn’t notice. How much do you have left?

Now look at all the millions of others that this happened to and look at what they have left.

Can you see how much money is still left on the table now?

See how the average person was bled a little?

Now spread that out over the next year or two and then were will we be?

The same place that Argentina was when they had their bank holiday and when their money hyper-inflated.

That in turn caused their world to crumble with riots in the streets and the people going crazy.

Will all that happen this September? I don’t think so, but I do believe that something will happen and most Americans will be oblivious of it, but it will impact us down the road.

And when it does, the masses will be able to look back to this September and ask “why didn’t we see it?”

Hopefully those of us who are awake and watching.

Do you have your ark built?

Don’t know where to start?

Email me and I can possibly help get you going in the right direction.

By Ray Gano