What’s Happening in Israel


We know there are some interesting and potentially volatile events taking place in the Middle East. Much of that deals directly or indirectly with Israel. The following news is reported by a person who – along with her husband – are missionaries to the people of Israel. She indicates from firsthand knowledge what it actually occurring.

“Israel is preparing for a ( defensive) War; we expect to be attacked at any time. This is not counting the many ongoing missiles that come over our borders from Gaza and the occasional missile from Lebanon. We are watching closely the situation in Syria. Russia is actively involved in guarding Syria and preventing anyone from helping in a humanitarian way. They have threatened the USA with military retaliation if the US intervenes in any way. There is a stand-off between the powerful aircraft carriers of both countries in the waters off Israel & and our northern neighbors. It’s a good time to pray.

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We have helped to distribute emergency food rations for the shelters in our area.

Our friend…has opened a house of refuge…for women & children under the auspices of Teen Challenge. It is going well, although there is a constant need for volunteers.

I am in the process of painting a mural on a wall… We will post pictures on our website soon. I hope to be finished painting before we embark on our trip to the USA.

The Lord is good! The congregation is growing despite the opposition. [Name Omitted] is helping to set up each Shabbat and I am using the van to pick people up and bring them to whichever house we are meeting in. This means running the gauntlet of the ultra-orthodox Jews who gather at the believers’ houses to harass us all. Pray for continued Grace from the Lord to endure. We are noticing a fascinating by-product of the persecution: Love for one another grows and is very evident to those outside our group. It is a wonderful witness!

It is a privilege to be in Israel and to serve the Lord’s people. There are so many people who do not have a servant’s heart and they misuse the Lord’s resources for their own pleasure under the guise of being missionaries. It is upsetting to see these people come and go in the Land of Israel.   God knows, and He has warned us not to try to uproot the weeds from the harvest field lest we harm the wheat. So we leave it with him along with all our other cares of this world, knowing that He is the Judge of the Universe and He will always do right and temper it with His Mercy! Thanking the Lord for Yeshua and the FACT that He loves you and me! The Lord bless you and reward you according to His Riches and His Grace! We appreciate you!

These people are on the front lines in Israel in so many ways. They know what’s going on because they experience it.

It looks like Russia is not only protecting Syria, but Iran as well, threatening action if the USA intervenes. They have also promised a strong military rebuttal if Israel attacks Iran, as previously mentioned.

Folks, we obviously need to be in continued prayer for what is happening in Israel. Too many are simply skipping down the road of life (fa-la-la-la-la) as if nothing is wrong with the world. Certainly God is absolutely in control. At the same time, He expects us to be involved in the process through prayer.

We really do not know what is going to happen in the next day or two, but something appears to be on the brink. Pray for Israel. Pray for the missionaries there and especially pray for the salvation of the lost!

Many might come to know Him through our prayers and the efforts of those missionaries who work over there to introduce people to salvation. May the Lord be glorified in and through this.


By Fred DeRuvo