Where was God?


troy-koehne-med-2013It’s a question that we all ask. Why did this happen? How could a loving God allow this? It doesn’t make since, there were good Godly people that were hurt or even killed. Where is God?

I’m sure that many more questions could be raised in the aftermath of the Boston attack. But it really boils down to this one question. Where was God?

Let me start off by asking this, “Which god are you referring too?”

Think about that. We, here in the United States, have many gods that we serve now, don’t we? I’m sure we could list hundreds of things that are more important than Jehovah God.

We have become a nation full of idolatry. There are idols everywhere and we constantly look to them to save us or to tell us what to do. We can’t get around it, it is the nation in which we have become.

I will give you an example. Let’s start with the church. We don’t want to preach Christ crucified on Sunday morning because it might offend a heavy tither. Money becomes more important than getting people saved. How about Super Bowl Sunday? Churches will cancel evening services to watch two teams play football. Well, not to be cruel here, they might have an itty bitty devotion during halftime. How about this one. The church will bring in some music group and the place will stand and clap, whoop and holler. Now I ask you, where is God? Not in church.

So when a terrorist attack happens in our country we get mad at God because he was nowhere to be found. He just stood by and let it happen.

Did he really just stand by? Or did we push him out of the way? Maybe Jehovah God willingly stepped aside, turned a blind eye. Why not? America no longer wants God in their lives.

America doesn’t want the God that saves. No, they want their little gods that do nothing but give a little pleasure for a little while then is gone. America has given up God for a golden calf.

I guess it’s safe to say that America’s golden calf of self didn’t live up to its godliness in Boston, huh?

We are now mad at God because he didn’t step in and stop this useless tragedy from occurring. Why should God do anything for America? America kills millions of babies each year, we are pushing for same sex rights, we have become more PC than ever before, and lawyers are suing Christians for anything and everything. It’s a case where it seems that the bad guys win and good guys lose.

I think America has made it clear. “God, we don’t want you here in the United States of America anymore. If there is a problem, we can fix it. Not only do we not want you, but we don’t need you.”

America thumbed her nose at God. I believe God did what was asked of him. He stepped aside.

For hundreds of years, I believe that we lived under divine protection from Almighty God. But somewhere along the way—about the time we took prayer and bible reading out of school, and decided that killing our kids was a great thing to do, God began pulling his hand back from America.

Judgment began to fall.

We didn’t get it when the twin towers fell. We played lip service to God, pretending to change our ways but we did not.
America raised her fist to the heavens declaring that we will rebuild. It will be bigger and better than it was before. We will do it without you.

Our then President Bush said that the god of Islam was the same as the God of America.

We are lucky that Jehovah God didn’t destroy us then. How dare we compare a satanic god to the righteousness of Jehovah God?

Let the PC game begin. Let’s stop making people feel bad in church. Let’s stop singing about the blood of Jesus. Let’s not offend anyone. Let’s all hold hands around the campfire and sing a happy song.

So here we are. Boston marathon got blown to hell. Limbs went flying, people died. I am not making light of this but what can we expect when we tell God to get out of our country.

Do you think that this is an isolated attack? Oh no. It will continue. Did you see how easy it was to pull off? It will happen again. Could be tomorrow, could be in our next breath.

Judgment has fallen on America. God will not turn back his wrath. Get out of your fantasy world, forget about the peace and prosperity your preacher preached on Sunday.

America has gone too far. Sure, you can pursue 2 Chr. 7:14 all you want but that won’t change the course we are on. America isn’t a Godly nation anymore, therefore his “people” will not pray, and seek his face, and turn from their wicked ways.

It is a promise that God will heal our land. But we won’t pray. And we will not give up our god of self.

So where was God? Right where we put him. In a box out of the way. We put postage on the box and mailed it to some third world country where God could do some good.

If we are under judgment, what do we do?

I believe God is angry and rightly so. While he is loving, he is also just. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that just because you went to church that you will escape judgment. God’s judgment will fall on the Godly and ungodly alike.

Your only hope is to call on Jesus to save you before it’s too late. You may have one more breath or you may get blown to bits. You don’t know when your time is going to come.

What you do with Jesus right now, will determine where you spend eternity. If I were you, I would follow 2 Chr. 7:14. If my people will humble themselves and pray…
By Troy Koehne – troykoehne@gmail.com