Why is SodaStream Being Boycotted by Coca-Cola?


fred-deruvo-dirWho hasn’t heard about SodaStream? It’s the soda you make at home! It’s all the rage and supposedly, it creates sodas that are really close to the originals. We’ve all seen the commercials and you’ve probably seen the actual unit too.

Interestingly, SodaStream is experiencing a boycott by people who actually want to put it out of business. Yeah, it’s hard to believe but there you have it. The question is why?

“SodaStream International is an Israeli company…” [1] But that’s not all. Apparently, SodaStream is based in what is known as Area C in the Mideast and that, my friends, is right smack in the middle of the so-called disputed territory. Though this area is technically under Israeli control, it is still subject to disputes between Palestinians and Israelis. One group in particular – Interfaith Boycott Coalition – urges the boycott of SodaStream because purchasing their products gives the impression of supporting Israel’s “occupation of the West Bank.” [2]

The sad situation here is that the owners of SodaStream employs “500 West Bank Palestinians, 400 Arab Israelis, and 200 Israeli Jews…” [3] The company has gone out of its way to provide the best possible work environment for all workers, even creating a mosque and a synagogue at the factory, Arabs and Jews work together, enjoying the same wages and insurance.

You would think this would be a good thing, a quality representation of how those with differing viewpoints in the Middle East rise above it to work together. Unfortunately, those of the Interfaith Boycott Coalition would rather do what they can to tear it down through boycott even if that means hurting sales and possibly displacing workers.

I’ve often thought about boycotts and I’ve heard what I believe to be excellent arguments from both sides of the aisle. I find that I’m leaning more toward not boycotting companies, yet I still believe that in some way, where I spend my money is something God takes into account. More prayer. More thought. More consideration is needed.

One thing is sure for me at this point with respect to SodaStream. I will probably be purchasing one of these units soon simply because of what the Jewish owners of the company have done for people on the West Bank. I know it probably sounds sappy (and ultimately, what is occurring at SodaStream most likely cannot occur on a larger scale), but it’s nice to see that Jews and Arabs can work together in peace and harmony.

It’s too bad there are those from the Interfaith Boycott Coalition who would rather undermine it and tear it down than help it succeed. But it doesn’t really end there either.

muhtar-kentCoca-Cola is apparently also behind the boycott of SodaStream. Why? Well, if we consider the details surrounding the current CEO, we may gain insight into why this company has chosen to boycott SodaStream.

While it might be easy to simply argue that Coca-Cola – as a competitor – wants to get rid of the competition, but that can’t be true since their biggest rival is actually Pepsi. The truth might be found someplace else. According to numerous reports, the current CEO of Coca-Cola is a man by the name of Muhtar Kent, who is Turkish-American. Kent is Muslim. Kent is also “one of two vice chairmen of the Partners for a New Beginning (PNB), which aims to contribute to US President Barack Obama’s vision for renewed engagement with the Muslim world.”

Would the fact that this man is Muslim and is part of a group that wants to help Obama engage with the Muslim world have anything to do with the fact that Coca-Cola has put their money behind a growing boycott of SodaStream products?

In the recent Super Bowl, Coca-Cola ran an ad called “It’s Beautiful,” which was roundly panned by conservatives and given props by those on the left. The ad apparently highlighted Muslims twice with not even one nod going to veterans. See the ad here:


One of the main groups that is protesting SodaStream is Oxfam, a group in which actress Scarlett Johansonn recently stepped down as one of its ambassadors. She prefers to support SodaStream and will not boycott it.

Apparently, there is more here than meets the eye and it has something to do with Coca-Cola. “Coca-Cola donated $2.5 million to Oxfam in 2008-2010, and gave another $400,000 toward a research project aimed at investigating Coca-Cola’s impact on Zambia and El Salvador.”

Could Coke’s involvement with Oxfam via large donations have anything to do with the fact that the current CEO of the company would like nothing more than to put SodaStream out of business? Interestingly enough, “Coca-Cola has a factory in the Israeli city of Bnei Brak which employs roughly 450 workers.”

But could all of this just be coincidence? “Oxfam backs the Palestinian Authority (PA) position, which views all of Judea and Samaria as rightfully Arab land.” How could that be coincidence? If Oxfam supports the PA position against Israel and Coca-Cola has supported Oxfam with millions of dollars and is headed by a Muslim, what does that tell you?

About a year ago, we purchased our SodaStream system and haven’t looked back. It’s cheaper than buying 2-liter bottles of pre-packaged soda. You can streamline your soda by making it the way you want to make it. There is little to no sodium in SodaStream products and if you want, you can simply have tonic water with no flavoring.

There are many flavors to choose from with SodaStream and the bottom line for me is that I am supporting Israel. If you are a Christian who also supports Israel, then it is time to step up and support this company. Satan appears to have raised up several companies and millions of dollars in an attempt to put SodaStream out of business. I think it is important for Christians who say they support Israel to get behind this company. Talk is cheap. Put your money where your mouth is and save a company and jobs with it.

Frankly, I’m a bit amazed that SodaStream has weathered the storm so far as they have done, but they have and to continue to be a viable company, more people will have to step up and support them.

While you’re at it, you’ll be killing two birds with one stone. As you financially support SodaStream, you will find that you are no longer buying products from companies that want to put SodaStream out of business. You’ll be spending your money once and you’ll be spending less of it.

Think of it like prepping for the future.

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